> Year 2018

Basement Emergency Escape Window
Detail of borders
Completed top 2018Oct13
Tiny Footprints
Sugar Maple 2018Oct19
Monarch on Butterfly Bush 2018Oct19
Pyrocantha 2018Oct19
Mums behind Lilac 2018Oct19
Blue Girl roses 2018Oct19
White mums 2018Oct19
Pink mums 2018Oct19
Sugar Maple with little color 2018Oct19
Volunteer cantaloupe 2018Oct19
Volunteer cantaloupe 2018Oct28
Staghorn Sumac 1 - 2018Oct29
Staghorn Sumac 2 - 2018Oct29
Voice of the Xtaby - a
Aerial View of Boeing Wichita & Cessna East- 1980s Q
Wierdly shaped cross-section - 1
Moderately-sized trunk
Other limb fell
Here comes the flood
Golden Carpet 2018
Denuded dead branch 2018Oct11
Neighbor's pretty tree 2018Oct19
Last Cut 2018Oct18
Result of Raking Leaves
Tools of Ruin
Medallions for 8 Rosettes
Shirt from Stu
Table full of equipment to go
Table full of equipment to go 1
Record Stash 1
Record Stash 2
One pile of firewood for neighbor
Small pile of firewood for neighbor
First three chunks of trunk on trailer
Woods view from porch
Tree already compromised
Table with most equipment gone
Boxes of letters & cards & mementos as of 2018Dec10
Record Stash slightly diminished after Wichidude's first visit
Bogie's Quilt Progress Report - 2018Dec10
Making Cranberry Relishes 2018
Cranberry Relishes 2018
Another shelf and one-half of vinyl
Books - Tech no older than 40 years - 2018Dec26
Most of Remaining STEM Books - 2018Dec28
Sunrise from Kitchen Window
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