> Year 2018

1957Fall - HH as Jr at MSM
Before - Pallet of mixed masonry pieces
Sparkly Clean China Cabinet 2018Jan18
The Dinosaur
Posy Bear
The Golfer
2018Jan F2F Omaha - HH
Finally  action on the awful fence - 1
Full  blue  eclipsed moon near totality - through tree branches 2018Jan31
Reverse sides of slide rules
Repository of slide rules etcetera
More Icicles
Chair - Platinum 2
Flicker for Bogie
New umbrella catalpa
2018April6 - Before 18 degrees F
2018April7 - Dogwood shivering at 18 degrees F
After the freeze - flowers & pear
Daffodils after Freeze 2
Narcissi after freeze 2
What I was protecting
Wrappings for Backflow Preventer
Creeping Phlox from Bogie
2018April9 - Another weird house finch
Street Blockage
Between the houses area after removal of vegetation
All the sod laid in back
Between houses after sodding
Along the woods after sodding
DoorScope - view from outside - 1
Installing Onyx Counter Top 2018May3
No doors
North Star Cherry Tree - after picking some
Masonry under Porch - 1
Vacant Space Now
Bluebirds on Nesting Box - 2018Jun13 - Closeup 1
Three Bluebirds around Nesting Box - 2018Jun13
Dill weed blossoms & buds
Stripped dill weed with fennel
Update 2018Jul20
7 Beetles
Plum Dumpling
Sunrise during California Fires - maybe not related
Garden Produce 2018Sep14
Pickled Banana Peppers
2018 Reaction to Poison Ivy
Breakfast Bar Chairs Reupholstered 2018Aug23
Two Critters in Window Well