> Year 2016

2-Who, Me
9 - I see you
19 - Struttin' her stuff
20 - And then, mass exodus
Deer - 9
Deer - 9
Carolina Wren 1
Carolina Wren 2
Blooming treees 2016Mar11
More blooming trees 2016Mar11
Daffodils Hiding in Snow 2016Mar27
Narcissi Hiding in Snow 2016Mar27
Snowy Trees 2016Mar27
More snowy trees 2016Mar27
Snowy Woods 2016Mar27
Daffodils out of hiding 2016Mar27
Narcissi out of hiding 2016Mar27
Blooms out of hiding 2016Mar27
House 2016Apr20
Front Orchid Irises 2016Apr20
Red Ice Plant 2016Apr20
Ice Plant near Garage 2016Apr20
Tulips with Sedum & Asters 2016Apr20
Two colors of creeping phlox from Bogie - 2016Apr20
Side-yard Bed 2016Apr20
Yellow & White Frilly Irises 2016Apr20
Dwarf Irises - mostly - 2016Apr20
Tropical Plants coming up from last year - 2016Apr20
Volunteer Cilantro behind Garage - 2016Apr20
House 2016Apr26
House Front 2016Apr26
Irises by Driveway 2016Apr26
Creeping Phlox with Fennel 2016Apr26
Hardy Azalea first year 2016Apr26
Nine Bark with Airplane Plant 2016Apr26
Irises to Northeast in Back 2016Apr26
Closeup of Irises to NE in Back 2016Apr26
Irises to N in Back 2016Apr26
Irises at Escape Window 2016Apr26
Irises to N in Front 2016Apr26
A Work in Progress 2016May
Singin' in the Rain 2016May13
Playing with a Bobcat
Great Progress 2016May15
High Tide at Cop Car's 2016May23
The water rises 2016May23
Grma's Quilt 2
Grma's Quilt 1
Dwarf Victor Crapemyrtle (Lagerstroemia Indicia) 2016Jul4
Daylillies 2016Jul4