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September 10, 2022


I'm impressed with the nice foliage. Unfortunately, that doesn't translate in fruit all the time. At least the Early Girl seems to have taken her duties seriously. I don't think I ever had very good luck with Beefsteak types, even at the other house.

Just like the ones in Tschernobyl !

Bogie--There was an article in the newspaper a few weeks ago advising that, with the weather patterns we've been experiencing during the past several years, we should choose fast-maturing types of tomatoes so that they have a chance to produce fruit before we hit the steadily really hot temperatures. Beefsteaks just take too long to mature - about which I wasn't thinking when I bought the plants. I like nice, big slicing tomatoes!

Stu--Our nearest significant source is Wolf Creek Nuclear Power Plant at 100 miles distance, as the crow flies. BTW: If I don't forget (a large caveat), I'll be attending the weekly physics seminar at Wichita State U tomorrow. Three of his students are giving short talks on research being done under Nick Solomey's $2 million grant from NASA developing a neutrino detector to work in space, near the sun. This will be preparation for the students' going to the 73rd International Astronautical Congress in Paris, next week.

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