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September 15, 2022


It is disappointing to lose some of your garden treasures to wildlife - but I too subscribe to the idea that it is the price of seeing said wildlife as well as being in their backyard.

Best of luck getting that next melon for yourselves.

Bogie--Your parental units taught you well - lol - and thanks.

I chickened out. The melon on which the critters had been feasting is down to a wee chunk. Rather than "letting them" have the next melon, I brought it in this morning. There are a few more baby melons. (A couple of weeks ago I found a half-consumed baby melon with a two-foot-long section of vine that had been pulled off the main vine, out in the back yard where a critter had abandoned it.)

I cut up that "next melon" earlier today. It is great. The critters got the "one after the next melon" last night, though.

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