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September 24, 2022


Somehow I missed this post, I guess I didn't scroll past the Lily of the Valley post last weekend.

At least you guys had issues at a largish event and with emergency personnel right next to you, so you are not "too stupid to live". That phrase is reserved for people who go on a nature junket, by themselves, with no supplies except a cell phone (which may or may not work in all or portions of the area they are in).

I knew something was amiss when Dudette called. And seriously, the first things out of her mouth was, "How are you?" Her voice didn't sound quite right, so I said I was fine but it sounds like there is something going on. I got the basic version (the part she knew at the time) as she was getting ready to leave to meet you at the hospital. I believe she had already called the girls at that point. After that she kept me informed by texts on a regular basis.

Bogie--I suspect that I wasn't paying enough attention. As you well know, postings are time-stamped at the time they are first saved (in my case, this would be in "Draft" stage) unless the author resets the time stamp intentionally. I doubt that the posting on the air show was there when you commented on the plants, but I have "fixed" that - lol.

Dudette sounded strange to me when she answered my call from the ambulance, but the rattle-trap ambulance was so noisy that I had a hard time hearing her at all. I had to ask, "Is that you, [Dudette]?" Understanding that I might not be making perfect sense at the time, after giving her the basic info, I let Dudette talk to Tish, the EMT who was with me.

Your dad told me last evening about how he had seen neighbor Adam at the air show - that he (HH) was startled to have someone at the air show call him by name. He did not remember that Adam is an EMT and that Adam had ridden in his ambulance with him.

That must have been a scary time. Glad you're both okay and that you had such good people to help and look after you.

Glad to read that you are both OK again.

Dehydration is always your own fault. I did it once riding my motorcycle down to Speyer non-stop, so it was a 5 hour ride. Day got really hot, so 30 miles short of Speyer I had to pull off the road due to dizzy symptoms and the bike weaving about the road. Luckily another biker saw me and gave me a Pepsi can of his.

BTW. I have a carfinder app on my android. Pressing the PARK button logs your GPS, Later pressing FIND takes you to the recorded coords. Doesnt work in underground or indoor carparks though.

Thanks for all the great photos, CC!

Oh my goodness! I'm happy to hear you both came through it okay, but such adventures are not fun.

I am so glad that you both ended up reasonably normal. Dehydration can be scary stuff and EMTs always have to error on the side of caution. I learned that the hard way once myself. A $1,000 ambulance ride one way and a $10 cab ride back a few hours later.

Liz--Thanks for the thoughts. I was only afraid for HH. I should have made a bigger deal of finding hydration for HH. His judgement isn't the best these days, of course, and I failed to take that into account. (My fainting isn't that big a deal!)

Stu--I was sure that our phones would capture the GPS for us - but don't yet know how. I did think of leaving one of our phones in the car since our two phones (and Dudette's) are set up to track one another. You were, indeed, fortunate to have another biker recognize your predicament and stop to help.

Roberta--Thank you for your thoughts. Adventures are fun...until they're not. We've had a lot of laughs since then.

Ingineer--We did follow up with our respective physicians. HH will be wearing a Holter monitor for 24 hours once Medicare approves. It turns out that HH's EKG showed signs of incipient failure of his heart's pace making skills. My physician ordered some (more) blood workup, but I haven't talked to her since. Looking at the blood results, myself, I see why my hemoglobin is so low. The iron is amassing in my blood in an unusable form (says one who knows nothing about medicine!)

All: I tried to show neighbor Adam a little appreciation, today, by gathering up one of his Great Pyrenees dogs and putting it back in its yard. This is the 2nd time it's figured out how to escape the fence. I was flummoxed at first because I thought that Chewy might try to get out when I opened the gate a bit (after licking me to death), so I called Adam (at work at as EMT) who assured me that Chewie would not try to get out. Second attempt: I opened the gate and, surely enough...Chewie just stood aside while Molly raced into the yard. I'm not a dog person, but other than Molly's nighttime barking, I really like those dogs.

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