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August 29, 2022


The oak processionary caterpiller is the most dangerous one we have here in Germany.

Stu--That's an interesting critter. You've encouraged me to add to the posting.

That is a lot of information about caterpillars. We had one of its cousins living in the English Walnut trees in our yard when I was a kid.
The photo from the composites course appears to have a 12 to 1 ratio of men to women. It was only a little lower than that when I was in school. The office I am currently working in has about a 3.5 to 1 ratio. Which is probably the lowest I have seen in my career.

Ingineer--I forget that people actually grow English walnuts since all of the trees around here are Black walnuts - or - perhaps I can't tell the difference in driving by.
At 12:1, the ratio was better than in engineering school in 1955-1959 where it was 100:1. Your office is very unusual in its male:female ratio. At one time, if I counted myself, the people working in my group were 1:1 - an unheard-of figure! (I had just hired the tie-making woman. The ratio didn't last long.)

How are you doing in your new home? I would welcome photos if you care to/think to send them. If you do share them and want me to share them with our blog friends, please let me know that it is OK to post them.

Amazing how those critters can hide on us until either spotted, or you finally feel it in your hair (and in my case, freak out because you think it might be a tick). A week or so ago, I had some sort of bug crawl up under my jeans and reach my knee before I felt it. Then I rubbed that area (thinking it was just my jeans catching a hair), felt the lump and then the lump BIT me.

I started stripping real quick. Not sure what the bug was but it had long pincers (some sort of beetle). I scooped it up with a paper towel and proceeded to flush it before I thought to take pictures. I'm sure I picked it up while I was outside working and didn't feel it until later when I was inside the house and sitting down.

That is one hairy caterpillar!

I didn't know that about the oak moths/caterpillars either.

Bogie--That lump wanted an eye for an eye! I've had little (actually, not so little) critters bite me on the hand - mostly when I've been picking bag worm cocoon's out of the junipers. Man, it hurt! But that was several years ago and although I've seen some of them since then, I've not encouraged stinging. Except for ticks, I normally find critters while outside.

Liz--There are whole websites dedicated to hairy caterpillars. They do look strange.

We are really enjoying our new to us house in the suburbs of Sacramento. It is a quiet area and we have some great neighbors. I will send some photos soon.


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