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July 16, 2022


24" monitors seem large compared to 23" monitors. I have a work owned 23" monitor for my laptop (they only allowed us to bring 1 home) and I bought a 24", of the same brand and model type, as a second monitor. There is a huge difference between the two. Of course that "edgeless" design helps too if comparing to a non-edgeless.

Refurbished is a good way to go for many things. I don't think I've ever been disappointed by any electronic I've bought as refurbished (including my last two smart phones). Most have obviously been basically brand new - someone received one and didn't want it for what ever reason, so returned it.

Bogie--You've had first-hand experience with the returns at Brookstone as I recall.

You are right that when I compare the old HP 22er monitor (see photo added to posting) with the new Sceptre 24, the difference is apparent. Standing alone, in different rooms, they don't seem that different.

In the past several years I've bought a radio-controlled radio and a point-and-shoot camera on eBay. As far as I know, neither of them was refurbished. The two reconditioned laptops that I bought 7 and 10 years ago, served me well and at least the newer one now serves Elder Brother well. (I see it whenever he stops by to see us and get IT calls from him on occasion - always something about some piece of software that is challenging him in what he wants to do.)

I recently purchased a laptop docking station so I could have two monitors at home like I have at work. It works great and I have two 24 inch monitors. I work about one day a week from home and my youngest daughter uses my office for work when she is visiting a few times a year.

Ingineer--I am notably uncoordinated which may explain why I never got along with having dual monitors at one computer station. I just shake my head at folks like you who can make it all work. Obviously, your daughter takes after her dad.

I had a docking station for the last laptop that I had, but Elder Brother didn't care to have it when I passed the laptop on to him, so it went to Goodwill. I had purchased it when I purchased that refurbished laptop with the idea that I would carry the laptop with me in my volunteer work and use it as my primary/only computer at home with the docking station. I never cut the cord with my desktop, however, and have in fact moved up to three desktops of my own. (The oldest desktop is in a holding pattern for being tossed out, but it is still useful at this point.)

If you don't mind saying, how old is the computer to which the new monitor is attached? I once had a compatibility problem between an old computer and a much newer monitor it didn't "recognize" or whatever the term is.

Infidel--I don't mind, at all - not a state secret. Hunky Husband's computer to which the new monitor is attached is 30 months old while mine (on which I checked out the new monitor) is 29 months old. The computer for which I actually bought the new monitor is 3 months old and now has HH's old monitor attached to it. My third computer (with no HDMI receptacle) on which I hadn't even thought to try the new monitor is nearly 12 years old. (Nobody cares, but HH's laptop is just over 7 years old.)

I believe the new monitor, itself, to be 3 or 4 years old. Thus, of our four monitors, the "new" monitor is 2nd from oldest since our "old" monitors were purchased at the same time as our desktops. (ʘ_ʘ)

Funny we all have our limits. We have a few young folks at work that use 3 monitors. That is too many for me.

Ingineer--You remind me of television people who watch a dozen or three dozen monitors - or security/penal system people who watch multiple CCTV monitors. Mind boggling!

I'm doing well to concentrate on one thing. My knowledge base has eroded (as Infidel can tell you is the case in thermodynamics!) along with my motor skills. O, woe is me!

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