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July 19, 2022


How great is that, that they were able to determine the model with pictures? And then the fact that they are honoring their lifetime guarantee (which I also usually think of as a marketing ploy).

I agree that Delta Faucet is being great about the whole thing, Bogie. I think that what they are sending me may be the updated version of my 2013 faucet set. Otherwise, they could just be sending me the little black jobbie - the bonnet nut. It appears that the newer bonnet nut does not even have the tab configuration - two tabs of which had broken off on my older design. Obviously, someone was knowledgeable enough and dedicated enough to ferret out what I needed. BTW: I've received shipping notices on 3 different shipments, each of one or two of the parts.

I may need to drop the garbage disposer to gain the access needed for faucet installation. This could get exciting! Also exciting to see will be their interpretation of the finish needed on the sleeve assembly since, all of the time I was fooling around on their website, I had in mind that our faucet set was in chrome. (I don't have a copy of the actual message that I sent them, not having been astute enough to have saved a copy.) That faucet set is the only non-chrome installation in this house. It is actually brushed stainless - as obvious in the 1st of the 3 photos that I sent them. I trust that they will have gotten it right.

From browsing the Delta Faucet website, my interpretation of RP3858AR is RP = replacement part and AR = Arctic Stainless. (I don't know why AR rather than AS.)

P.S. I just realized that, in the 2013 photo of the new installation, it shows a landline phone on the desk in the breakfast room. I couldn't tell you when we took out the landline.

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