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July 02, 2022


All that greenery is so attractive. Our allowed watering due to the drought is so limited now I'm just trying to keep selective hedges, shrubs, bushes, trees alive.

our mini meadow is looking great!

I am surprised about the requirement not to place garbage in the trash just because it take more water to put it thru the garbage disposal and one would think they would encourage water conservation (as many times as the area goes thru drought). My belief is around here that garbage disposals are few and far between. Perhaps 30% of the population being on septic systems instead of sewer is the reason. Or maybe more people use mulch piles - although I'm pretty sure that isn't the case in the city. But at least some of them (going by a quick Google search) have food waste composting services at the transfer stations.

Joared--The greenery on that strip between our driveway and Fred's yard get only the water that is blown over from Fred's lawn watering, in front, now that the trees are established. I did water the white bud tree every couple of weeks during growing season for its first two years. Our sprinkler system had originally had a station that covered that area and the foundation plantings, but during our first summer or two, I was so displeased with how it worked that I physically ripped out those (flexible plastic) lines, myself. Station 8 is now inactive.

Bogie--You made me laugh at myself. I am spouting off what I was told when we moved to Derby in 1960. It appears that there is currently provision for garbage in our city's ordnances as approved in 2009. Thanks for the push.

5. 05028.Transportation of garbage over City streets and public property.
Notwithstanding any other provision of this Chapter, no person shall transport garbage on, over
or across any street, alley or public grounds of the City unless the same is contained in a
permitted vehicle or a watertight container secured so as to prevent such material or the odor
thereof from escaping.
C. Customers shall store refuse pending collection in accordance with the following
1. Garbage shall be thoroughly drained and wrapped prior to being placed in a cart or other

They are strange-looking little creatures. And those seed pods are fascinating

Liz--Perhaps I should have made it clear that the worm is just emerging from its chrysalis. Does that make more sense to you? Last year I arranged to have those trees sprayed to prevent their being chowed down on by bag worms. In comparison to bag worm cocoons, the "army worm" chrysalis is tiny.

As you probably are well aware, those pods burst open when they are ripe, releasing a zillion seeds on "parachutes" - much like gigantic dandelion parachutes.

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