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June 10, 2022


Ouchie - dead stubs of branches are the worst to land on with any body part!

Even if it will be a multi-year project, it looks like you are making good progress with those sumac.

What rich looking soil. M

Joared--We are in a hard pan clay area. The area between our driveway and the neighbor's yard was a natural swale where soil aeration was minimal, and vegetation had rotted there over the years. During our 22 years here, that soil has been much improved by constant cultivation - with many plants refusing to grow in that area. The aeration has been vastly improved by the bushes that have agreed to grow there and, to give credit where credit is due, the sumac has really helped in that respect.

Some roots are horrendous, aren't they? You have given me the kick I needed to go back and tackle some roots I'd abandoned as being hopeless to even try to remove.

Liz--There are roots and then there are roots. If the roots just stay there and die, no biggie, but if they keep propagating more plants, that is horrendous. I'm thinking that you attack roots with much more vigor than do I, given our generational differences. *smiling*

For some things it is more effective (and easier) to smother roots. Of course that assumes you can stand to see a bare spot there - or just plain mulch on top of the smothering medium (I've used broken down cardboard boxes as well as plastic bags from my heating pellets to smother a poison ivy patch that is now my roadside garden). It also isn't very helpful if the roots have gotten entwined in plants you want to keep.

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