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June 21, 2022


Great tune and artist plus most appropriate selection which we'll be singing out here starting tomorrow if the weather predictions are accurate.Joare

Looks like you have been very busy for the last few months. Hope all is well. We just moved to a new to us house with nearly a half acre yard so I am discovering projects all over the place.

Joared--Good luck on your weather. As a matter of fact, although the weather has been quite humid today (we got 0.5" rain overnight), the temperature never got above 90 degrees - at least from what I've seen.

Ingineer--Do you mean that you have moved, again, or are you still on the move from a few (3?) years ago?

We moved again to Orangevale a small suburb of Sacramento and about 9 miles from our previous house in Roseville that we lived in for about 3 years. We are closer to most of the grandkids and now have a one story.

Starting tomorrow (Friday) the heat and humidity are supposed to start moving in. So far, for the last 10 day (heck maybe 2 weeks) I've needed no conditioning of the house air, or I have had heat going.

Humidity levels were so low that even some nights it was only at 45% so I open the windows in the morning to get the humidity down in the house. It's amazing how much humidity comes from 1 person, 3 cats and 2 birds - house humidity would rise thru the day by about 10% even with the daytime humidity in the 20s and 30s. But I also think that 50% is too high.

Ingineer--Wow! You are a real peregrine. By comparison, this past 22 years has been the longest stretch that I've ever spent in one house. A one-story house can be a real boon - especially if you plan to grow old in that house. And to be nearer your grandkids is great. Congratulations to you and your wife!

Bogie--Yes, even 50% humidity sounds very high to me. Ah, to be able to open windows. For whatever reason, your dad is still much against opening windows, so I rarely even consider it anymore. I think it must be a security issue with him. I grew up with doors and windows open whenever weather allowed. I don't recall that your dad's parents ever had doors or windows open. That's the difference between coming from a farm family and a big city family, perhaps.

Yesterday I mowed my yard. When I started at 11 am, it was 72* with 72% humidity. Naturally, the cloud cover, which had kept the temp down, moved out and it got up in the 80's. Eventually some of the humidity did go away, but that won't happen today or tomorrow. Still have the neighbor's yard to mow, so I expect that to be a miserable experience. House humidity is currently 55% - when I start house condition later today, I will need to start it on the "dry" mode.

I don't envy you that mowing job. Good luck!

CC - I just paid attention to your comment to Ingineer about length of time you have spent in a house.

It is hard to believe I spent more time at my old house (1988 - 2013, 25 years) than you have lived in any house. And I've been at this house for nearly 9 years.

Bogie--Yes, I've moved a lot in my life. If I count both times that I lived on Sunrise, they still don't equal how long I've lived here, by almost 4 years. OTOH: Once you settled down, you settled down. Good going!

1938-1940 - Foreman place next to Milo school
1940-1942 - CC's maternal great-grandparents' place on Milo Road, down lane from CC's paternal grandmother
1942-1943 - Mobile home (built on bed of flatbed Ford truck by CC's father), traveling throughout Texas
1943-1946 - 4704 E 3rd St, Tulsa OK
1946-1955 - 1922 E 70th St, Kansas City MO
1955-1957 - 1413 N State St, Rolla MO
1957-1958 - 1600 Arkansas, Rolla MO
1958-1959 - 1413 N State St, Rolla MO (different apartment from above)
1959-1960 - 2731 S Greenwood St, Wichita KS
1960-1963 - 1157 N Lakeview Dr, Derby KS
1963-1965 - 520 E Park Lane, Derby KS
1965-1965 - 5309 S Fisher, Seattle WA
1965-1967 - 6216 129th Pl SE, Bellevue WA
1967-1967 - 1209 N Georgie, Derby KS
1967-1968 - 7030 E Kellogg, Wichita KS
1968-1977 - 837 Sunrise Ct, Derby KS
1977-1977 - 7060 E Kellogg, Wichita KS
1977-1981 - 4620 E Vesta, Wichita KS
1981-1983 - 1032 S Comet, Callaway FL
1983-1983 - 1100 Madeira SE, Albuquerque NM
1983-1990 - 5716 Lost Dutchman NE, Albuquerque NM
1983-1990 - Apartments on assignment: Buena Park CA, Hacienda Heights CA, Seattle WA, Downy CA, Binghamton NY, Lancaster CA,
Scranton PA, Sunnyvale CA
1990-1999 - 837 Sunrise Ct, Derby KS
1999-2022 - 2121 E Country View Dr, Derby KS

You lived in Nebraska for 7 years? I must have missed those years - LOL!

Oops! That is not Nebraska (1983-1990), as you well know you cheeky devil. In that case, NE = Northeast. I failed to complete the address with Albuquerque NM. I'll fix that. Thank you!

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