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May 09, 2022


That is an interesting looking moth. Most attractive butterfly card.

Glad you had a lovely Mother's Day. I enjoyed phone call conversations across the miles with my kids and the surprise dinner delivered to me. Unfortunately, granddaughter not feeling well was in bed -- and her birthday -- initially had been negative for Covid but later tested positive. She's avoided the virus all this time but she learned a friend she had been with had Covid for two days before telling her she was exposed. She had packing for movers preparatory to beginning her Pharma rotations to which she will have a daily hour commute beginning in a week. She's in her final required training activities for her Pharmaceutical Doctorate.

I hope that your granddaughter is feeling better and over COVID-19.

I have noticed a steep increase in the number of people being awarded "practice doctorates" (or "professional doctorates" in non-medical fields), such as I assume the Pharmaceutical Doctorate to be? The first such person that I met/used was a physical therapist. I understand that some people (such as a friend of mine, a nurse) found that their PhDs were geared to research and academics rather than toward hands-on practice. I know there is a Doctor of Engineering degree but have never known one who held it. Perhaps the steep increase is in my awareness rather than in the number of people.

I think that is an inch worm moth. That doesn't tell you a whole lot though since there are so many types.

Inch worms are cute, but just look what a beauty the moth is. Thanks!

That butterfly bouquet is amazing! Such patience.

I didn't make it Liz, I'm sure it is cut by a machine. It may have taken patience on Cop Car's part to unfold it into shape though :)

Liz & Bogie--I have been guessing that the unfold-them cards that Bogie has been sending have been laser cut. It would be interesting to know for sure.

It took none of my patience at all to unfold. Hunky Husband unfolded it by following instructions on the folder in which the card came - while I was distracted by something else. I wasn't watching, but it didn't take HH long to have it fully assembled. This is amazing in light of the fact of what HH's dementia has done to his spatial capabilities.

Last night, I retired to bed and was asleep by the time HH came to bed. He couldn't find the little flashlight that he uses for navigating around the house at night. In his bumbling around, he woke me and eventually said, "I don't know where I am." I told him to turn on the bedroom lights. "I would if I knew how to get there." He stood waiting, at the foot of the bed, while I arose to turn on the lights. Fascinating how his mind works/doesn't work these days. It has been at least a two-to-four years since HH could navigate streets while driving, but I didn't think about its being lack of spatial awareness.

Aside to Bogie: When we drove to see you in 2015 or 2016, I do recall that although your dad was using his GPS, I had to interpret it for him and translate it into, "Maintain this lane...." et cetera. At the time, I ascribed it to HH's wanting to keep his eyes on the road - especially through NYC and NJ - but it may have been a harbinger.

I just heard the squeak of the bedroom door. HH will be wandering around the house until he finds me. He gets anxious when he awakes and I'm not there.

I may have used the wrong terminology to describe my granddaughter's training. I haven't known about those "practice doctorates" you mentioned. I think, Granddaughter is getting Doctor of Pharmacy so can be Pharmacist. Has been working parttime in Pharmacy after undergrad degree; has continued since. She's beginning "rotations" now. Earlier years she was interested in genetics and research so I really don't know what she may pursue once she has completed these extensive required hours.

I know in my profession, due to the shortage of Pathologists there were additions of different levels of therapists some years ago. Nursing shortages have resulted in alterations in that profession, too, for many years. No doubt that will continue as shortages in health care/medicine don't seem to be ending.

Must be challenging for HH and you adapting to any changing effects of his dementia, hopefully not too
sudden though unpredictable. Glad you both can have such patience.

The meaning and specific terminology of various degrees has always been puzzling to some of us (my hand is waving in the air). Please forgive my lack of understanding of medical field education. In my own family, we have a confusing array of degrees.

HH's father's first degree was a BS in chemistry from U of Illinois, but he worked for Shell Oil as a chemical engineer - then taught chemistry to finance obtaining his pharmaceutical degree (I'm not sure what it was called) and becoming a pharmacist. Although HH spent his first year of college in pharmacy, he switched to obtain his BS degree in Electrical Engineering and worked in that field (dealing mostly with bombing/navigation systems) until he went into project management.

Elder brother's degree was BS Chemical Engineering. He worked for Dow Chemical for several years before entering the nuclear industry where his work was actually more mechanical engineering. Younger brother's first two degrees (BS and MS) were in Electrical Engineering, his PhD was in Geophysical Engineering even though nearly all of his academic work was in EE. His work was all for the Navy in developmental testing of weapon delivery systems that included much computer work. I couldn't even give you a clear explanation of Bogie's degrees. She obtained them on her own after moving to New Hampshire. My lack of involvement in her academic pursuits left me in a permanent state of confusion - lol. I know she achieved honors and did a lot of academic work in business, but it is a (mostly unsuccessful) struggle for me to figure it out, unfortunately.

Even at the time, HH was never able to tell anyone what my own MS was in (Engineering Mechanics) - to him I was a physicist since that was my BA major and included the bulk of my academic work toward the MS. (What post-MS work I did was in Aeronautical Engineering!) Most of my employment was in some phase of aircraft structures integrity, but I worked in missiles, radar systems, radio systems, hydraulic systems, flight control systems...you get the idea...mostly systems engineering. My grandmothers told everyone that I taught school (???!!!) while HH's mother always introduced me as her daughter the physicist. My FEMA friends called me the rocket scientist. To anyone outside "the trade" it is confusing and really of little consequence that they understand.

Your various family members' and your own degree sound more complicated and confusing than what I've encountered in health care. Oh well, as long as everybody knows what they have I guess what the degree is called matters little.

I have a double BS in Business Administration / Small business management. I've taken a lot of additional courses though such as Statistics, Quality analysis, project management, FDA related training (although I've never used it) etc. I never specialized because I either get bored and move from one thing to another, or there have been catastrophic layoffs (40% of workforce) and I've been hit with 3 different company closures. Unfortunately that means I never make the big bucks, but it also means that I have a varied array of experiences I can draw on.

I've had titles such as crystal growth operator, Technical Writer, Document Control / ISO Specialist (and a couple of derivatives), Quality Systems Coordinator, Quality Management System Analyst / Database Administrator, Contract Administrator and am now MAB Coordinator / Supplier Quality Engineer.

Within those roles, I have volunteered to learn and perform duties outside what one would think such as Drafting (self taught), inventory control, employee training, safety officer, developed Access databases, tool calibration etc.

I don't blame anyone for not knowing what I do at any one time - LOL.

Joared--I'll go along with you on that!

Bogie--I appreciate the rundown, provided you really mean your last statement. I won't remember, tomorrow - lol.

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