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May 22, 2022


Did EB ever finish reading that Roger Penrose physics textbook I recommended to you?
If so, what was his opinion thereof?

What a wonderful occasion! Lovely to put faces to names. Thanks for the name check. Scary and ridiculous prices.

Stu--I did not ask EB about the book. Sorry. Mostly we talked about birds and things in our past - going through our old college year books and such.

In particular, we were trying to come up with the name of a guy from Kansas City, with whom I had attended Greek Week at the college (while still in high school) and who had died three years later, just a few days after marrying. We could neither identify the guy in photos (he had become a member of my brother's social fraternity) nor come up with his name.

Liz--You are welcome. There was definitely a shocked moment on my part when the clerk told me the price; but, thinking about it, I was asking an awful lot - that the box be transported in an upright position at all times and that it be delivered the next day - so I wasn't too upset. I can't speak for the prices of delivery from Wales to Italy. That's a whole different thing.

OMG - Really, I would not have begrudged losing the $8 in plants for shipping costs that high (and now my inheritance is probably down to like $5 - LOL).

You will have to add the picture I sent this morning - that shows your chair NOT empty.

Bogie--I knew that about your plants but decided that USPS needed the business - lol. I had thought about posting your photos: Thanks for the permission. (Your photos demonstrate the superiority of the camera in your phone to my own stand-alone camera.)

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