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May 28, 2022


Excellent list I must come back and peruse more at my leisure. Animal Farm jumps out at me -- a favorite, most appropriate for our time today. Are some people more equal than the rest?

I haven't read much on that list; 1984, Animal Farm, Catch 22, Ender's Game, Lord of the Flies, The Illiad, The Raven (book? really?), Stranger in a Strange Land, A Tale of Two Cities & Winnie the Poo. I may have read The Grapes of Wrath and The Odyssey. I'm pretty sure I started Dune, but never made it thru.

I can say with relative confidence that the only one I've seen as a movie is the Godfather.

And now that I've posted that - I'm pretty sure I didn't actually read Winnie the Pooh. One of the counselors read it to us in the evening during the first back packing trip I took in Camp Fire Girls.

Joared--Amazing how many of this year's listing I have never heard of. Happy that you are more up to date.

Bogie--I'm impressed that you recall that much about CFG. I remember nothing about my year or two in Brownies/Girl Scouts. I don't even remember having been a Brownie. I am impressed at your listing of books because the majority of them were published long before you were born! (I know because I was there for the event - lol.)

I've read 22 of these books for sure, not certain about others. I did see quite a few books that became movies, some following the books better than others. I directed/produced Winnie The Pooh play but don't recall if I actually read the book or how much of the book was in the play for that matter.

I recall quite a bit about Brownies, "flying up" to be a Girl Scout, singing "Day Is Done" at the end of each meeting, a few badges I earned. Wishing we could afford to send me to summer camp. Saturday outings to a nearby creek to investigate the creatures, a small campfire where I first learned of S'mores which I've enjoyed ever since. Most of all I still picture in my mind our group walking up the street incline to return home one Saturday. As we reached the top of the hill, off in the distance I saw the city bus stop at the corner of the street and was startled to recognize a tall red-headed sailor exit. I took off running as fast as I could run having recognized my big brother returning home from WWII. Had been so long since we'd seen him.

I hadn't known where he was stationed, just overseas somewhere but he and Mom had a secret code and she had known the continent he was on though not exactly where. She didn't know he was in the secretive submarine service or might have worried more knowing he was in Australia and trying to be assigned on a sub. We learned later an assignment he wanted was cancelled by his commanding officer as he was needed more on site in Perth. The sub went out and was never heard from again.

1 3 5 8
11 16 17 18
20 21 23 25 26 28 29
30 31 33 37
41 45 49

52 53 59
61 62 64 65 67
70 73 74 75 78
81 82 83 86 87 88
93 95 96

Joared--Your memory is much better than mine has ever been. As posted before, I had kept all of my Brownie/Girl Scout pins and badges. I believe that I included an image found online that identified various GS badges. (After all of these years, many of them were not obvious from the image sewn into the badges.) That was how I knew that I had once been a Brownie. While all the family were gathered this month, I passed those pins and badges along to a younger generation. (Please don't embarrass me by asking who received them. We went through a lot of "stuff" and I recall very little of the actual distribution - lol.)

Stu--Thanks for the listings, comprising over half of the entries. Please let me know if I screwed anything up.

All--I added initials to the listing to indicate the listings provided in comments.

No but you found a bug in the browser on my mobile phone. It only displays the left of your 2 columns. Firefox on my PC shows both. Under Win and under Linux.

Interesting. I did wonder what happened, but happy that you put it together.

I've read 19 of those. I saw a good list recently. Books You Should Read: anything you want to! I rather like that list.

I've read 20 of these, or 21 if Metamorphosis refers to the Kafka story.

Even granting that this appears to be a listing only of works of fiction rather than best books overall (surely there would be many worthy history and science books), some of the choices strike me as eccentric. Why Dune and not Lord of the Rings? Why A Clockwork Orange and not Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde? Nothing at all by Mark Twain? I suppose everyone would come up with a somewhat different list.

Liz--I like your list (anything you want to!)

Infidel--I assumed that Metamorphosis was Kafka's. (Hunky Husband tells me that jumping to conclusions provides most of my exercise.) I did note the lack of non-fiction book inclusion. I'm not opposed to having them covered by similar lists in other categories - and they may be.

As to omissions, Abe Books' 100 (fiction) books to read in a lifetime does include Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Anthony Buress's A Clockwork Orange. A listing of 100 Must Read Non-Fiction is provided by Good Reads.

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