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April 23, 2022


Welcome back!

Holy cow, both computers went down at basically the same time? That is weird. What was the issue?

I don't understand people that have a billion files on their desktop. How can they find anything in all those icons? I certainly couldn't. I was recently training a guy at work and he saved everything that way. So when it came time for him to upload those files onto a specific place on the network, he couldn't find them. Training was slow and torturous, to say the least.

The trees and phlox are looking marvelous!

Thank you, Bogie.

The tech's best guess was that we/I had closed down while Microsoft was downloading updates to Windows &/or Office.

I don't understand using the desktop for everything, either. As it turns out, your dad didn't really care about anything but his emails - but he couldn't tell me that because he didn't understand what was troubling him. I wasted $75 on his computer and probably should have spent it on mine. I'm not sure that I had, as I thought, backed up all of my scanned photos along the way. All's well that ends well.

The various patches of your phlox are really looking good, this spring. I took 1.5 hours mowing everything but the woods, this morning, so everything looks a little better. I need to get much more yard work done in the next couple of weeks before the weather gets consistently too hot.

All the blooms most attractive!

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