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April 30, 2022


Congrats, that's true dedication and perseverance.

To be fair, speedwell makes an excellent groundcover. It covers the ground, is persistent, and controls erosion (and probably other weeds). However, in the right conditions, it will try to take over the world - in which case it becomes a noxious weed.

I too hate pulling weeds, although I hate pulling some more than others. Things like chickweed, creeping charlie, plantain, sheep sorral, and purslane are a pain because they are very low growing, spread by roots, grow in compacted soil (not easy to pull most times) and even the tiniest bit left will regenerate a generation (within days). All of these are unattractive except during bloom time.

Jewel weed is easier since it grows tall, has shallow roots, lives in wetter areas (thus easier to pull) and are easy to see. It is easy to see progress after only a couple of minutes of pulling this stuff up. They take a while to reestablish themselves and it doesn't hurt that it is not unattractive - even when not in bloom.

Joared--We do what we gotta do.

Bogie--Each plant is just doing what I do: try to survive.

I do love the end result of weeding though.

There is a certain sense of accomplishment to it, Liz.

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