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March 26, 2022


The dieback could be from salt, if the town used it. Nothing to worry about. Mine do that all the time and then come back nicely.

I have found sedum growing in wet places. However, doesn't mean that ALL sedums are okay with that.

I think that last plant is creeping speedwell. It can be a weed or ground cover, depending on your point of view. They like moist soil and part sun, but are pretty adaptable. Although, with your summers, full sun may not be their friend.

Bogie--I hadn't considered salt but AFAIK no salt has ever been used on our street if for no other reason than that the city doesn't plow/treat our street, the nearest being Rock Rd 1/3 mile away.

Yes, there is sedum and then there is sedum. Perhaps I should have noted the lack of good drainage rather than the wetness. That side of the driveway is part of what was originally a drainage path as far as I can tell. It is rich with decayed matter and is moist when nothing else is.

I see the "creeping speedwell" as both weed and ground cover. My best guess is that it has come into our yard in containers of plants that I've bought - or in the tons of mulch that I've laid down over the years. We've had a lot of change in the weed populations since moving here 22 years ago. Originally, we had meadowland weeds. The speedwell is abundant and I'm learning to live with and appreciate it. I posted a photo of it at least 15 years ago wondering what it was and you probably IDd it then, too, thanks. One place that it has taken over is that area around the crepe myrtles where, regardless of the bushes it gets sun nearly year-round.

I've found good sized sedum plants in the former swamp. Can't get much more wet than that unless there was an actual pond there. I actually transplanted some of it to the newer garden on the east side of the house, early fall of 2020. Hopefully it has settled in and gives me a splash of color this year. Of course I could miss it since I have no idea of its bloom time :)

I don't even think of sedums in terms of their blooming, although of course they do tend to bloom. They are foliage plants, to me. Thanks for the info about your swamp sedum. Succulents are among my favorite plants, but I've not had good luck with them at all - starting with the donkey's/burrow's tail of which a woman gave me a start in Los Angeles. I don't recall exactly where it was, but she ran an auto rental place within her home. Her home had a sun porch that was just full of plants, and I had not seen that species before.

At least the speedwell direction has stayed consistent :D

I think both plants are a type of speedwell. the original (and #1 in the addition) is creeping speedwell. I believe #2 is corn speedwell. Corn speedwell has narrow leaves near the flower, and more rounded leaves lower on the stem.

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