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March 31, 2022


What a great idea for dealing with various comfort zones. I tend to be cold when I sleep - or actually when I don't sleep. If I'm the tiniest bit cold, I may doze on and off, but never actually reach a real sleep. I absolutely cannot have a cold nose. I can, however, sleep with cool feet as long as the rest of me is warm.

Anyone that says 68* (or colder) is the best temp for sleeping is full of hooey as far as I'm concerned. I sleep well even while sweating as long as I can keep my feet a bit cooler. BUT, if my feet get hot, I'm miserable. Thus, I may be covered up with thick blankets (even in summer) but sticking my feet out at the same time.

What a great compromise! Husband has always been the hotter one but now his medication has cooled him down a bit.

Bogie--I got a chuckle, envisioning your feet sticking out.

Liz--It must be an unwritten law that those of us who are always hot marry those who are always cold. Yin and yang.

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