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March 19, 2022


Glad you're keeping up to date tech-wise. I'm quite content to poke along at a little rate as my life style and needs don't require I have the latest thing.

Last night I was wondering how you made out getting a new phone. Guess I now know. I am not fond of the iPhone I have for work, but it gets the job done for what I require from it. And hey, work is paying for it so who am I to complain.

I assume my issues with iPhone arise from my being an Android user for my personal cell phone - change is hard LOL

Joared--Were it not for HH, I would have gone with a much simpler phone; but, I can hardly expect to know anything about his phone since there is no time at which I have access to it. It's always in HH's hand (except when it is lost).

Bogie--As planned, I did get a separate line for the new phone so that we would have one phone (my TREO) on hand that one of us knew how to use. After a few hours it became clear that I could make phone calls and texts with the new phone - and not having the internet and texting enabled on my old phone I could not check into our account, online, with either phone - so I went in yesterday to tell them I had done a stupid thing. As it turns out, I can now get into our account, but I can't change any of the settings on it because, somehow in the process, I lost access to texting.

I used to think that requiring people to understand coding or machine language in order to operate a device was excessive - I kept saying that computers needed to be more user friendly. I don't see an improvement in making devices user friendly - they just use English (or other human language) to confuse us, now. I need a 4-year-old to help me, I guess.

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