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February 02, 2022


Dudette sent me your picture with long hair, saying it was a long story but didn't expound upon that. Now I know the rest of it.

It has been so long since I have seen you with long hair - you look great! I love how your tresses have the natural wave. The headband does a good job of holding it back; just enough to keep hair out of your face but allows the soft flows to accentuate your face nicely.

I can't do a bun for the life of me, and it seems to me that people who do have them are always having to mess with them. I put mine in a ponytail, flip it vertically along the back of my head, and use a barrette to hold the length off my neck. Probably looks messy but since I can't see it I don't care. Actually, if I could see it, I probably wouldn't care :D

Good morning, Bogie. Yes, the beginning of the story (that I neglected to include in my posting) lies with Dudette's efforts to show your dad and me how to migrate some of the contacts in his iPhone into his "Favorites" to make it simpler for him to call you "girls". Dudette had her phone out so that I could send a practice text (as you know, I do not text nor do I use an iPhone, but I want to be able to help your dad). In passing, she noted that she had attached a photo of your dad to his contact on her phone but had no "high resolution" photo of me to use. (This gave me a chuckle since I see no reason for high resolution photos that are displayed in a format that is less than 0.5" square.)

I sent Dudette my latest passport photo that I had placed at the top of my home page, but it bugged me that it was taken when I still had very short hair. That's where the idea of taking an up-to-date photo originated. Providing WGD & Rachie evidence of my success in making a bun sprang from that idea and I sent the selfie to Dudette for her phone.

Buns: I understand your difficulty in making an acceptable one, considering how long it took me to "get it". For the past two years, I've been swooping my wet hair up and back (bending at my waist to invert my head), catching it close to my head in a banana comb and securing the resulting ponytail to my head (close to the root of the ponytail) using a butterfly clip to keep it from flopping around. I discovered that this "do" could last for a couple of days if I swept the wild hairs up with my wet hands whenever I washed them (my hands, that is). It is a wonder that my hair doesn't grow moss as much time as it spends wet. On its own, it takes at least a full 16-hour day to dry when I wash it and on non-hair wash days it is frequently still wet when I prepare to go to bed, just from the water I applied in getting it subdued for the day. Fortunately, when the wild hare came to me to attempt a selfie I had just returned from washing my hands - with attendant running of a wet comb through so as to tame my cotton candy hair.

I guess one of my problems with buns is I don't like my hair tied up at that high point. It just hurts and ponytail holders tend to just slide out of my hair,, even when braided, just gave me good reason to do it differently. I much prefer that it be tied down around where the skull and neck meet, then sweep it up from there.

You did a great job of taking the selfie! I can't take a decent one to save my life :D

Yea, ponytail holders don't work all that great on our slippery hair and changing the direction one's hair is pulled can lead to a sore head until one gets used to it. Your hair always looks good. I never know what color it will be since your hair is brown/blonde depending upon exposure to ultraviolet, but you keep it clean and tidy, and it suits you. Thank you for exchanging ideas on this important subject. I'll give you a bye on the test ; )

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