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February 17, 2022


A heated bird bath! How wonderful, and necessary I guess with that weather.

Liz--The heated bird bath is shown in the next-to-last photo of the posting Caught unaware wherein the rim of snow around its perimeter attests to the need for heating.

That's lots of snow and I remember all too well what that was like. A beautiful sight I don't mind appreciating in photo only now.

The weather guessers are saying that we should have more snow this coming weekend. Bring it on! Actually, Joared, I long for the days when we had more snow than this, routinely. I'm probably not up to shoveling a 26" snow, as I once did in Virginia, but a foot of snow a couple of times per year shouldn't be too much to ask, should it? This February has been unusual compared to what we've seen in the past 30 years during many winters of which we've had hardly any snow.

You might have received more snow than I have this year. I know we are below our average so far this year - KOW that we don't make it all up in 1 snowstorm in March :D

I was wondering how much snow you got yesterday while hearing weather people in the northeast carry on about the snow they had/were receiving (your dad was watching TV in the living room). I take it that KOW = knock on wood, and I'm with you.

We seem to be in a pattern similar to the 1978 drought. California is getting almost no rain or snow the last 2 months and the eastern US is getting hammered.

Ingineer--You got it. If we could get a few large volcanos to raise the east coast, you too could be flooded. We need to lay some big pipelines to carry water instead of oil. I hope you get just the right amount of moisture - soon.

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