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February 12, 2022


There is a city in Kansas called Newton afaik.

There is, indeed, Stu. Good memory!

Newton is about 30 miles north of Wichita, and the Newton City/County Airport that is 2 miles east of the city was a good place to land when the Wichita (now Dwight D Eisenhower) airport suddenly went below minima for VFR. "Newton City/County Airport's primary runway is over 7,000 feet long with an ILS and GPS approach." [Neither instrument approach was available when I was flying.] On service testing flights that asked us to put a lot of cycles on the landing gear of an airplane, some of us were known to make three or more landings for each approach. Fond memories.

"Cleared to bounce all the way to the ramp ;-)"

Hubble has been great but I am looking forward to the Webb images.

Agreed, Ingineer. I was looking for an update on the James Webb telescope when I ran across the Hubble video. Good to hear from you!

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