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February 04, 2022


You have a regular highway running thru your yard. Tracks around here are of smaller birds that land on the ground to grab seeds or peanuts, the neighbor's cat making its rounds, and occasionally squirrels coming to raid the feeders.

Wow! How fantastic!

Bogie--Given the siting of your property, I'm surprised that you do not have turkeys. Perhaps they stay nearer ponds/streams?

Smaller birds that left tracks on the ground around our feeders and heated birdbath (note the added photos, above) included up to nine slate-colored juncos, one fox sparrow, and a couple of mourning doves. At the feeder, themselves, were white-breasted nuthatches, downy woodpeckers, juncos, tufted titmice, and a female Northern cardinal. A female Eastern bluebird came to the area, but I only saw it on the porch railing.

We don't get squirrels at our feeders these days. I think the metal railings that replaced the wooden railings about five years ago are less hospitable to squirrels' being able to launch themselves toward the feeders. Too, since the bright light of the sun bothers your dad, we don't have the shades open as much of the time as we used to, so don't see as much perhaps.

Liz--Until recent years, we would also have had deer and bunny tracks. My take is that there are too many dogs and too much clearance of trees and underbrush, to which I've contributed in the interests of keeping possible wildfires from our and our neighbors' houses.

Message to Rain--Will you forgive me, please - that the picture I got in my head when you wrote that your foot was slipping - was of you doing the splits? Ouch! That would have hurt. More serious, though, is what could have happened to that stuff bouncing about within your skull. I'm happy that you seem to be OK at this point, and hope you continue along that path for months to come. We need all of the wits about us that we can get!!

I couldn't leave a comment on your posting because I won't "do" Google. They track and use data too much for me.

I'm in the middle of town, not where the turkeys hang out. Go about a mile, or less, in any direction, and there are likely to be traffic jambs caused by them crossing the roads. They tend to like wooded areas, so my yard isn't inviting with just the few sparse trees.

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