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January 08, 2022


I am constantly coming home with product I didn't mean to buy, but I have grabbed the item beside which I was looking at.

The other day I came home with boxes of frozen glazed carrots as well as frozen buttered corn. What I was trying to buy was frozen vegetable medley (lightly sauced), which I use to make soup for my lunch (nuke the package of vegies, throw it in a bowl and add broth, then nuke another minute or two). Well, the soups with glazed carrots and buttered corn was not all that good, but was edible (and not horrible) so at least I didn't throw them away.

At least all your vittles are labelled correctly.
SWMBO reuses jamjars when making fresh jam, but only SHE knows what is now in the
jars with the (now incorrect labels) :-(
Doesn't bother relabelling them; telling me would be no use as I couldn't remember anyway.

She's always telling me I don't listen to her,
or something like that ;-)

Bogie--Why is it that when you confess to a personal "flaw", I am forced to admit that you came by it honestly - as the flaw is shared by your mother? One more "Sorry". Are you left-eyed?

Stu--It's a gal thing. I would say it is a "lazy gal" thing, but I don't wish to slur SWMBO. I use jars for storing food in the frig and/or freezer, and I always think that I can tell what I put into a jar just by looking. A week or month or year later, I don't have a clue. Only if I plan to give a jar of food away am I religious about labeling/dating it.

I think that I blogged about re-using my mother's jam jars in which she had frozen jams. There are two more jars of her apricot jam in the freezer, downstairs. (Mom died in June 1994 and I know that she did no canning that spring, so the jams are from spring of 1993, at latest. Still delicious. I used a jar of it a couple of weeks ago in making some kind of treat for HH.)

I used to be strongly left-eyed - when I used a microscope at the sapphire places I worked at, I used my left eye (using both did not work well).

For about 20 years I've been "whichever eye is working better at the time" dominant. When my left eye got really bad, my right eye became mostly dominant. But there were still times that my left saw better than my right, so my brain would switch. After my left eye suddenly corrected itself to be about the same as my right eye (about 1.5 years ago), and my vision doesn't change as much thru the day, my left eye is once again mostly dominant - well, unless the raft of floaters decide to stay in the center and block things out.

Right this second, I am being right-eyed since I am wearing my glasses (bifocals), and I haven't gotten lenses with the newer prescription for the left eye. So, if I close my right eye, I struggle to read this. Close my right eye and everything is good. It is the opposite with my contacts and readers on.

The brain is weird and wonderful being able to adjust to the situation.

Wow, Bogie, just wow! As I recall, when you took shooter's safety training as a kid, you used your right eye to aim. Does that agree with your own recollection?

I shot the bb gun right handed. Most guns, whether long or hand, are made for right handed people so that may have been the way I was taught versus what my preference was. I have no idea if my right eye was dominant then. I've never been around a left-handed rifle so have never tried to shoot one that way. But at the same time, since I have so much stuff floating around in my left eye blocking portions of my vision, I'm pretty sure that wouldn't work so well. I can shoot handguns equally well with either my left or right hand (without extra practice) - I'm not sure what that tells us though.

I naturally shot basketballs left handed. Was that because my left eye was dominant or because of physical strengths? I don't know. I worked hard at teaching myself right handed shooting, but left was my preference. Just liked to screw up people when they got used to playing against a lefty - and change it up when they thought they had it figured out :) I served volleyballs right handed. I spiked equally with left and right.

Pretty sure none of that info gets us any closer to knowing what my eye dominance was at any point in time.

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