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January 31, 2022


During the Third Reich, Germany had the SA, the SS etc etc.
To this day we are not allowed to have these initials as part of our (personalised) number plates on our vehicles. So tough for me. I can't even use my initials as a sigel when signing off parts on contracts etc.

Stu--That would be tough, not being able to abbreviate by using the initials of your own name.

You, and other regular visitors with whom I've exchanged emails, know my "real" name. You can understand how easily I am able to initial documents.

When HH and I were divorced, I changed my name so that people within our common industry would not blame poor HH for the things that I might do/have done. I did not however wish to change the initials that I had while using HH's last name as my own (too many drawings etc to sign off on).

My birth surname started with a letter that was not so benign in initialing things; hence, I took the first three letters of HH's surname and the last three letters of my birth surname to form a new surname by which I have since been identified. Easy initialing and paying homage to HH and to my birth family. As a bonus, as you can attest, my surname has a meaning in German. (My ancestry does include German, but more Viking-Irish as the red hair suggests.)

P.S. My ploy to "protect" HH was successful. Following our re-marriage, I worked with a woman for several years before she somehow learned that I was HH's wife. She came to me with an "I don't believe it!" exclamation. She had been administrative assistant to one of the managers who had worked for HH during a few of the years when we were apart.

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