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January 10, 2022


Eating out I like paella or Surf n Turf , but I have no photos.

Interesting choices, Stu. Your lack of photos is entirely understandable. As I wrote at the last of the original posting, "I don't normally photograph a meal...." and had to steal online photos. Your photos would merely induce a Pavlovian response from me ; )

Paella? I like it, but I can take or leave it, not being a huge fan of rice. (In my childhood household, rice was a hot cereal for breakfast - with freshly churned butter and brown sugar.) I don't recall ever ordering Surf n Turf even though I really like the components. That's only because it would be too much food. I suspect that you are capable of handling larger meals than am I, your being a tall and muscular male.

P.S. In an email exchange, we were talking about some of your postings/my comments from 2014. The earliest comment from you that I found on my blog was from 2012 - not much earlier.

Making me feel hungry! What is Texas toast?

Liz--"Texas toast", as I've been exposed to it, is a waste of energy to consume, its being squishy white bread cut into double thickness slices (0.75" to 1.00" thick). I suppose that, technically, the bread is only "Texas toast" when it has been toasted (usually on a grill with garlic butter - see photo added to posting), but bakeries sell the un-toasted bread labeled as "Texas toast", too.

Some people like commercial white bread but, even when it's sliced thinly, I find it a waste of energy. ; )

P.S. Please, don't anyone point out the inconsistency between my rejection of commercial white bread and my acceptance of commercial white bread buns for the burgers at Freddy's and Nu-Way.

Texas toast is only good for toasting, when it is crispy on the outside with a springy inside. At least that is my memory - I haven't had any for decades. Actually, I believe it makes great French toast too - just uses a lot more egg mixture (maybe that is why it is so good).

I usually order burgers without the bun. But, there are times (like if I'm driving), that a bun in necessary and I just deal with the consequences later.

Talapia and salmon - I just don't like either. If I was starving, I would choose the salmon as I can choke down a couple of bites. I've really tried to like salmon since it is supposed to be healthy, but just can't do it.

Bogie--The only fish I recall having until I was in my 20s or 30s was canned salmon, from which Mom made salmon salad. Well, once in the 1940s, some of the men in our family brought freshly caught fish (catfish?) to my great-grandparents' house and we had a fish fry. I don't really remember how I learned to like fish, but I don't recall ever trying a fish (or seafood of any sort) that I didn't care for. Different strokes.... Of course, I just like to eat!

As to burgers: I've been known to order two junior hamburgers at Mickey D's, putting both patties in one bun and tossing the other. I'm glad I have no problem with gluten or other wheat parts.

Ah, now, my favourite toast is white bread! Thick and crispy and laden with butter.

Being 30 minutes places you somewhere in or close to Wichita. Hopefully just close to and not actually in the city. So try eating at Chicken Max and have the mashed potatoes with your chicken. We occasionally go to NuWay mostly for the Root Beer.

Hey, Gregg--Thanks for the recommendation. By their website, I see that Chick N Max (to which I assume you were referring?) is opening a location at 5510 E Central, which sounds a lot closer to me (in Derby) than do the other locations. I'd not heard about them or noticed them; but then, if I'm driving, my eyes are 99.5% on the road and vehicles so do not always notice businesses and houses. I see nothing indicating that they have curbside delivery. I'll have to check them out.

Hunky Husband enjoys the root beer in a frosted mug at NuWay - when we/I feel safe enough to eat inside. You've not, as far as I know, been coming around here for long enough to know that I am a coward on diseases - especially viruses.

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