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January 26, 2022


I am laughing because I couldn't find my power cord to my old ancient Lenovo Thinkpad. I have a newer laptop but was curious what might still be on the old girl. Tried buying some off Amazon I "thought" (foolishly) would work.


Oh well. Just so glad you are still blogging! Gonna re-invigorate Texas Trifles in a few weeks. The plan is a retirement date of May 1st, but having trouble hiring a replacement for me ( I'm old school and these younger applicants are not the same vintage of work ethic)

Anyway - hugs to you and HH!

Cowtown Pattie

OMG - Cowtown Pattie - What a blast from the past! I think that it's been 10 years since last you visited. Security kept me from following the link you left with your "signature" on the comment; however, the old link that I had to your Texas Trifles, works. It doesn't look like your blog, though.

I'll be happy to start reading your blog again, whatever it's called and wherever it is. Welcome back, old friend.

My discs were only 100 MB (older maybe?) but the drive had USB 1 interface for data and power.

I agree that your discs, being 100 MB, were probably older than the 250s. I have seen (in the past few days) drives for sale with the USB interface.

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