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January 01, 2022


Neither set of grandparents seemed to have changed much over the time I knew them, although Grandma H's hair got more silver. I hadn't remembered Aunt A looking so much like Grandma S - not that I remember much about her. Aunt B, the Excellent Seamstress, is the most changed of everyone - I would not have equated her picture with her later years if I didn't know who that was supposed to be next to your Elder Brother.

Interesting, Bogie. I always thought that your dad and H looked like their mother. A looked like no one else in the family, to me. To me, she looked Spanish instead of Yugoslavian. Yes, Excellent Seamstress (ES) changed immensely. She was really pretty, but she and A both turned grey in their early 30s and colored their hair. By the time you met ES, she had stopped coloring her hair and had beautiful, totally white hair - age 38.

Your Aunt H called, yesterday. Neither of us recalls what the deal was that she was holding all of those flowers. They must have been a centerpiece that someone had handed off to her. Oh! I just took a closer look. Those aren't flowers (except for the lilies-of-the-valley corsage on her shoulder). Those are bows, ribbons, and papers from the opened gifts!

How lovely! No excuse for forgetting your anniversary either.

Weird how we perceive differently. To me, HH is the one who doesn't look like anyone else. A's chin is Grandpa's, but her cheeks, eyes and smile shape are Grandma's. This coming from a person who has a hard time recognizing faces of people I don't know extremely well (part of the reason I can't remember names - although not the total reason I'm sure).

Yes, weird, Bogie. I do a fair job of remembering names, but (as you well know) until I get to know people, I am dreadful at getting the right name attached to the right face - or even recognizing the face. We have had a neighbor for several years, now, whom neither your dad nor I can reliably identify when she walks past our house to the mailbox. The same is true for Adam and his family. Well...I usually recognize their daughter Holly - about 6 or 7 years old.

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