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December 27, 2021


Your backyard certainly has seen some changes over the years. Clearing out the brush/smaller trees looks really nice. I never would have put 2 and 2 together if you hadn't written the explanation about the cottonwood - they don't look like the same tree at all.

Bogie--There are very few plants in our yard that have been there since our original landscaping in 2000. Somehow, in laying out the landscaping, I had become confused - thinking that our house faced northeast (instead of the actual northwest). Most of the foundation plantings in front, then, got moved to the side yard where the Yew bushes weren't exposed to so much western sun during the summer. Forces in landscape changes have varied over the years from that original screwup to reducing the effort I could put into upkeep to reducing fire hazard.

However - to your point of the tree's being unrecognizable: Your dad has, for some years now, been unable to recognize me in photos from our past. (Yesterday, he asked who that woman was in the photo I posted Christmas. He said that, logically, it had to be me; but, he could not recognize it as being me.) I think that most of us are pretty insensitive to changes in people/things that we observe daily or weekly. The incremental changes are so small that our mental adjustments to them are automatic...unthinking. Each encounter establishes a new norm for us. We more easily note the changes in people/things that we see every 5-10 years or at longer intervals. Photographic evidence can sometimes convince us of our mental flukes.

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