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December 25, 2021


You don't suppose this handsome couple are people known to us? Hope this holiday season is being special for you.

And to you and your family, CopCar.

Joared--How perspicacious of you! That was November, 1962, just before HH's sister's wedding. HH was a groomsman, Dudette was flower girl. Bogie wasn't feeling well and stayed at Mom & Pop's house with a sitter. I filled in (with about one week's notice) for a bridesmaid who couldn't fulfill her role. I recall the rush to get Bogie's dress (handkerchief weight white lawn) and Dudette's dress (subdued gold cotton velveteen with slightly brighter satin sash) finished before we drove to St Louis. As I recall, the bridesmaid's dresses were royal blue crystalline - and the tailor did an excellent job of fitting that dress to me at the last minute. Obviously, the woman who dropped out and I were approximately the same size. I don't see it in the photo, but I think the bridesmaids wore matching pillbox hats.

Although HH's sister's husband is a free-lance photographer, he had a friend take the photos, of course. Unfortunately, the friend never did deliver photos to them!! The only photos they or we got were taken by a teen-aged cousin. It was probably the cousin who took the above photo for us.

Liz--Thank you. I got the giggles over the mental picture of you trying to don your bra over your feet. ; )

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