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November 13, 2021


That new grass is looking good!

Those ginko trees sound like good ones to have, especially the shedding all at once. I thought I was done with mowing leaves after last weekend, but failed to realize that one of the biggest maples out back had not shed yet. It did so from the rains Friday night so I went out and mowed late Saturday afternoon - before another round of heavy rain arrived last night.

There was a gingko in the cemetery that was beyond the park from your grandparents' place in KCMO that, on a birding field trip in 4th grade we were introduced by our teacher, Miss Campbell. As I recall, it didn't even approach the symmetry of our front yard tree, but was in an interesting shape - and not as tall, but probably much older. It had not been cared for to the extent that a tree within a lawn enjoys. I like to plant native trees, and gingkoes originated in China; but, as long as one sticks with male trees (and nurseries stock no females for sale) they are easy to care for.

Your dad likes to mow the leaves; but, we have so many from our own trees, in back, and so many leaves that blow in from our neighbors, in front - and we haven't had a bagging mower since shortly after moving into this house - that if I don't rake there is too much build-up. Of course, the leaves in the "far back" yard get blown into the woods and trapped, there. HH will be mowing, today, is one reason that I jumped right onto raking in front. The cottonwood, in back, has been shedding since July or August, so the leaves are thick, but not nearly like the gingko carpet.

New grass looking really nice -- am surprised it seems to have filled in so quickly. I think you have a bit more yard work than I would want at this point in my life, but then I wish I was able to to do any, including some hand watering -- all because of one uncooperative extremity. I never got my compost bin started but wouldn't have been able to care for it now either. Long ago I had to give up my worm bed and I could easily care for it then, but when summer heat came I just didn't have any place to keep it cool enough. So disappointing. I had it in the house as was quite satisfactory until I noted a bunch of almost microscopic creatures beginning to cover the dirt top en masse. I couldn't find out what they were and became concerned so moved the container outside on the shaded covered patio, but that wasn't good enough -- the beginning of the end.

I'm sorry about your uncooperative extremity, Joared. Sometimes we wish for more extremities (as in needing 3 hands) but I don't recall anyone's ever wishing for fewer of them.

Back in 1955-1956, I was secretary for not only our school's amateur radio club but our college town's amateur radio club. I got the giggles so badly in reading back the minutes of a meeting at which a guy had told us all about his worm farming that I could not carry on. I had come from a farm background, but had never heard of worm farming. I wonder what your little critters were?

I don't want to get rid of the extremity,I just want it to do its job better. For me, this has been no time to be rehabbing in a skilled nursing type setting as have no-one to come home to lessen time there should I conclude to go that route.

Those were the years when I got my FCC lifetime license so I could operate our campus radio station. I always thought it would be neat to be a ham radio operator. A friend’s father was one and I always remembered his call letters W5TIB. Husband here of a nurse I knew also a ham — his name Chuck.

Joared--I understand your not wanting to rid yourself of your extremity and join you in wishing for it to get better at doing it's job. I'm sorry that you (and many of us oldsters) lack a convenient way of getting backup that allows you to spend a minimum time in a rehab facility.

HH got his First Class commercial license at the same time he received his Amateur Extra Class license; but, I never had an interest - and he never used his. Well...come to think of it...I have the radio license required of any private pilot who uses aircraft radios - whatever it was called. It's probably out in my car, someplace. My ham license is just the General Class. I wasn't that heavily into electronics and could not have passed the test for the Extra. At this late date I have no idea on what you commercial license holders had to test.

I remember many of the calls of ham friends whom I knew in the 1950s - some of whom I never met in person, of course. It's enough for me to have met HH through a Morse Code exchange. One of the hams in the KCMO area (where my parents lived) whom my parents and I enjoyed (Dad & Mom had a radio that received shortwave) was W0OMM - "Old Mean Momma" as she called herself. She died in the 1960s of cancer. Few of the hams whom I have known survive, now, as I was so young compared to them. Your friend (and you?) probably lived in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, or Texas since her father had a "5" call. Now, when one moves, one takes their amateur radio call sign with them; but, I had a "7" call when we lived in the Seattle area.

BTW: No one now holds the W5TIB call sign.

Yes, the friend's father ham operator lived in Camden, Ark. When I got my license I don't even remember having to take a test as part of our college academic program. That was during the few years we did live in the Hot Springs, Ark. area before finally returning to Great Lakes State of Ohio.

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