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November 25, 2021


Hahahahaha, love that taco truck! Thanks for popping by my blog and doing that survey. I still get some of my news from listening to the radio too! We are lucky to still have quality radio journalism to listen to!

That's funny! When I want a good laugh I visit Oddball Observations 'cause that's the kind of quirky humor that tickles my funny bones.

Sounds like you have well-filled your refrig. and freezer with some good eatin'!

Grass is looking good. I'm barely keeping what I have alive given our water cutbacks thanks to our drought.

Congrats to HH for successfully navigating that trip and return! Definitely continue to celebrate such accomplishments.

I've seen pictures of that food truck before - but it is still funny.

HH did good getting to/from the servicing - yay!

It took me a second to realize that you had already had the sprinkler system winterized, which necessitates your dragging hoses and sprinklers around.

Lid flat shortage, who would have thunk it? You should have said something, I probably could have gotten some around here, or at the very least I have a box in my kitchen that still has 10 ring/flats in them (I may have flats stored away in the cedar chests in the basement). Ah well, you made do.

Debra--One of our local NPR stations carries BBC World Wide for six hours each night and for one hour each weekday. Our local PBS TV station, just a few years ago, also started carrying BBC newscasts for an hour during the day and, again, in the evening.

Joared & Bogie--I was quite pleased for HH - who took it all in stride. OTOH: HH asked me at least 8-10 times yesterday morning, what time we were to leave to go have turkey at Dudette's & WichiDude's house.

Bogie--I'm not surprised that you had seen the food truck photo, before. You are always far ahead if me, lol.

Yes, I've been doing the watering "by hand" since 10/28/2021 - which I knew I would need to do when I had the system blown out that early in the year.

I appreciate your thinking, but I don't know how reliable any flats you have stored away would be. The shelf-life of unused flats is "officially" 18 months, but one can use them for 3-5 years per the Healthy Canning website . I've tried to not let flats age beyond 2-3 years; but, as long as they pass visual inspection, I'm not really fussy about how old they might be. What I am fussy about is the size. Nearly all of my jars are wide-mouthed.

I think I'm much more likely to buy something if the adverts for it are witty.

That is a large green space you have! All that tree felling does look a little dangerous.

Hi, Liz--Stan Freburg's ads for Chun King "Chinese" foods showed that many people agreed with you about witty adverts. In the early 1960s, Freeburg ads were (what we, today, would call) trending. I think that I heard his ads on the radio; but, I may be wrong. We bought our first (used) TV in the early 1960s, so we may have seen Freburg's TV ads.

All told, our double lot is about one acre, of which I'm guessing about 1/4 of that area is now covered with woods. Before I started the process of making us safer from wildfires, I'm guessing that the woods covered about 1/3 of the area of the lots - not to mention all of the evergreen trees and bushes that I had planted around the house. The rest of our acre was originally part of a large cow pasture.

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