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November 19, 2021


I find it sad when the big old trees have to come down. Understandable, but sad. Looks like they did a fine job with the removal.

It's rather like having a beloved pet put down. I'll miss those trees! (Your dad says that he already has a hard time visualizing where the cottonwood stood.) I'm not looking forward to the time when I will have the gingko in the front lawn taken out. I wasn't as aware of the wildfire danger 21 years ago when I sited it as now I am.

Interesting photo series showing the progress to bring down that tree. I had read about how that's done but never happened to see it done in photos or real life. Having been the one who notched some pretty tall pines to bring them down where I wanted them to fall and then being on the other end of a crosscut saw to facilitate that happening this was intriguing. That's pretty risky work they were doing.

I've not been on one end of a two-person saw since we lived in Seattle. HH and I cannot do physical labor together. HH has a fast internal clock while mine is slow. I was fortunate that Hal, from across the street, had a slow internal clock and was willing to be on the other end of the saw from me. Of all the trees that I have felled, I only had one fall at about 15 degrees to the line I had intended. That one was back in our current woods and had grown, corkscrewing upward, making it more difficult to judge how to place the notch/cut.

The notch that Cornelio cut in the cottonwood was huge; but, his chain saws made his work less strenuous if no less dangerous. His skill minimized the risk.

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