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November 29, 2021


Cat food is once again becoming a problem to find certain brands/concoctions of. I feed both kibble and canned food to my cats and the FF brand was almost nonexistent at Wally World yesterday. And, those that were available were not what my cats will eat. Confession time, I don't buy fish based canned food because I don't want the stinky cans in my kitchen for a week - but even those were extremely limited. Another guy was perusing the limited selection of another brand, and he threw his hands up and grunted in disgust.

I also grabbed the last container of the cat litter that I use. Rita has allergies so I have to buy a specific brand and concoction that doesn't cause adverse reactions.

Fortunately, I keep a goodly supply of cat supplies on hand, so I just grab what I can, when it is available and don't have to stress about it.

Bogie--I didn't know/remember about Rita's having allergies. How did you figure it out?

Happy that you keep supplies, ahead. It makes it easier when you can grab a bit here-and-there. When we had cats, I didn't feed them canned cat food. They did, however, get treated to canned fish, etc. We ate their leftovers - lol.

P.S. My two packages of flats arrived in Saturday's mail. I plan to use up all of the stuff that I had put up for Elder Brother and replace with new chili and baked beans - with good, new flats. It doesn't look like EB will be coming anytime soon, anyway. : (

Rita's food and general allergies were easy to determine as she gets watery eyes & swollen nasal glands. With litter, she would avoid some, others she would actually get sick from (the other 2 cats don't have issues and none of my previous cats ever had issues with litter). The minute I changed out the litter, she was all better.

Diffusing lavender essential oil makes her sick with lethargy, hiding in impossible places (I had to unload a pallet of pellets to drag her out), not eating/drinking and neurological issues. She was dying and the vet was completely stumped before I figured it out. Lavender scented litter also creates symptoms, although less acute. But, she doesn't react to the dryer sheets I use (maybe because it is fake?). Lemon grass/sage makes her violent to the point of attacking Fuzzy (when he was around) and attempting to attack me.

The cats just get a teaspoon of canned food each morning and night as a treat. Their main fare is kibble. Only one cat will eat canned fish and not much at that. Stumps me because I've always given the liquid from tuna to my cats - and now I have to dispose most of it myself.

Bogie--Interesting analyses. Thank you.

I don't react well to most "artificial" scents; but, it isn't anything to do with allergy. I just don't like them. That's why I was surprised that OdoBan is acceptable to my delicate senses. In theory, I think that things that are kept clean smell better without added scents; but, I'm also aware that we grow accustomed to the odors of our surroundings/clothing.

You probably recall Jonaphant (sp?) Accepting his mistress' generous offer of overnight hospitality on one trip, I found the permeating odor of Jonaphant in the house enough to turn my stomach. I'm sure that the household was blissfully oblivious. Forty years older now, I worry about my own capacity for blissful obliviousness.

Skip the off brand lids. Everything I'm reading says that the Made In China lids being listed on Amazon and eBay havegreater-than-50% failure rates when pressure canning...either they buckle from the metal being too thin, ot they don't seal because the adhesive is poorly distributed or weak. Stick with Ball or Kerr.

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