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November 06, 2021


I've had similar gas cans since moving here except they don't have that red rod. Mine have a twist action to unlock. Unfortunately the safety system does not make it easy and that black tab is extremely stiff. I seriously have no idea how the regular Jane is supposed to use one without resorting to tools (large slip-joint pliers in my case). After a couple of years it does relax and become easier.

Most of my cans have the internal dust cap but I have one with an external. That sucker seemed to be welded on when I bought it, and once again I had to use tools to remove it. I think I deliberately lost the cap in frustration because it was just as difficult to get back on.

Modern gas cans are a serious challenge. I'm not a fan.

Bogie--As strong as you are I'm surprised that you, too, experience such problems. I don't know if you recall, or ever read, Millie Garfield at Thoroughly Modern Millie. She, at age 96, has her son do her blogging for her these days at My Mom's Blog by Thoroughly Modern Millie. On a sidebar of her blog is included the link to I Can't Open It which comprises videos that Millie has made, over the years, about things she could not open - lambasting the people responsible for such hard-to-open stuff.

Roberta--We designed aircraft for the 5-95 percentile; but, that was based on males until relatively recently. I doubt that the 5% male would have an easy time with the gas cans.

Well, thank heavens for the beer nuts to stimulate HH to give you comfort! Clearly you need some after the gasoline can saga. In these days of all sorts of chicanery, I think it's quite clear that someone stole your gas can's cap while you were inside settling affairs. You should have immediately got on the case, tracking down the surrounding area for any suspicious looking people. Oh well, I guess you can't do everything.

You are welcome to come track down the thief, Joared. Thanks for the giggle.

Long time no visit, but I am glad to see things are going well for you. The gas caps have gotten so complicated that some companies sell replacement”water” nozzles that you can put on gas cans.

Ah, Ingineer, you saved me the effort of starting a search for you, thanks. If I get to the place where I can no longer cope with the gas cap (I've placed an old pair of pliers next to the cans in the little red wagon), I'll look for a water nozzle to fit. Thanks for the suggestion. I wasn't aware since I had never, ever bought a gas can, before. That had been in HH's department at the time the last two cans were purchased - sometime while he was living in KS and I in NM or FL. I didn't own a lawn mower while living outside KS.

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