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October 07, 2021


Here in Germany, we have a bigger alphabet,
the standard is QWERTZUIOP and the Y is bottom left.
U Umlaut is to the right of P
To the right of L we have O Umlaut then A Umlaut
SZ which looks like a Beta is below the question mark.

During the Nazi era there were also separate keys for the SS and for the swastika.

Interesting, Stu. Were you to send me a graphic, I would add it to the posting. *hint, hint*

In the 1960s, a friend bought a bunch of shipping cartons in-the-blind. Of course, the price he paid was small, so he was taking a chance that the contents would be useful, or at least, worth re-selling. He ended up with a couple of dozen typewriters - for Hebrew. He asked me if I could come up with a way of reversing the carriage throw since the machines' carriages threw right-to-left. I'm not sure that I ever knew how he disposed of those typewriters. If so, I no longer recall.

I still have my Royal portable purchased in 1953 preparatory to my heading off to college. My key board querty is the same as Smith but with o over division sign as the last key next to p.
The numbers and symbols above are the same except the last one next to 0 is a 1 with - above.
I should get a ribbon and use my typewriter since am presently without working printer, but only have printer paper. When I graduated high school and typing class my rate was 100 WPM with 1 or 2 mistakes as I recall.

Ah, Joared, a photo of your Royal's keyboard (at least) would be another welcome addition to the above posting *another hint*; or, I might add a Part II posting. I don't recall whether any of the typewriters that I used in school had a separate "1" key; thus, I am intrigued by the placement of yours.

See http://www.savory.de/stus_blog_pix_2016/typewriter%20ringelnatz.jpg
and more generally http://www.mrmartinweb.com/type.htm


Great links, Stu. I'll add a section on the German language keyboard in my next typewriter posting, thanks. The museum website has a lot of interesting machines (typewriter and otherwise) to browse through.

I’ve gotten away from taking photos to transfer to my computer, much less put them on my blog, several years ago, as numerous tech changes for me and I just got tired of the time i was having to expend constantly, it seemed, having to adapt. Have some other timeline things going right now but will see. I don’’t know the actual year of my Royal — that was just the year I bought it..

I have another full size manual typewriter, not sure of mfg., that my dtr’s typing class teacher gave her from school the end of the year because they were going to be transitioning to computer keyboarding the next year. I can’t easily and readily access it.

Joared--Thanks for letting us know. I'm sure you had shared your waning interest in putting in the time and effort to keep up with all of the tech changes on your blog; but, I did not recall such. Certainly, many of us can understand. My new computer keyboard has scads of keys that will only be activated by accident. I didn't learn how to use the special keys on the keyboard that came with my 2007 computer, let alone for this latest round. I don't really care what they do - lol.

I'm somewhat surprised that your daughter's typing class teacher was allowed to give away school property. She may have had to submit a form, in triplicate, in order to do that. Surely, that was putting obsolete equipment to use!

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