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October 16, 2021


Wow, you have had lower temps than NH. My lowest temp this far has been 42*. None of NH has seen frost yet (well, the big mountain has, but that doesn't count) and we are closing in on the record for latest frost. However, we may get frost later this week, so we'll see.

We usually get 1st frost late September, with the north country ahead of us. It is not unusual for us to have already had our first snow.

Hope your water system stays un-frost bitten until you can get the grass seed started and the irrigation system winterized.

Temperatures run funny, sometimes. Thanks for the good wishes, Bogie. I plan to go buy a couple more bags of mulch, today, to add to the pile around the backflow prevention valve assembly. Your dad, of course, had to make fun of his "mulch queen" when I told him. Amazingly enough, my first 2021 purchase of mulch was the four bags that I bought on the 12th. Most years, I would be up to 30 or 40 bags, by now. I still have three or four bags left from 2020; but, as they have been outside since about April 2021, the bags are hole-y and the mulch soggy, so not much use for insulating the assembly.

Ah, the green, green grass of home. Okay, somebody had to say it.

Yes, Peter, I'm sure that you have multiple versions of the song, "Green, Green Grass of Home"; but, I immediately thought of Ray Bradbury - which it is strange since Robert Heinlein wrote "The Green Hills of Earth". I think that Bradbury must more specifically have written something involving the green grass of home, somewhere. I cannot pull it up from my memory banks.

From Metallicman, at which the full text is posted :

The Green Hills of Earth
This is the story of Rhysling, the Blind Singer of the Spaceways — but not the official version. You sang his words in school:

“I pray for one last landing...

On the globe that gave me birth;

Let me rest my eyes on the fleecy skies And the cool, green hills of Earth.”
Or perhaps you sang in French, or German. Or it might have been Esperanto, while Terra’s rainbow banner rippled over your head.

The language does not matter — it was certainly an Earth tongue. No one has ever translated “Green Hills” into the lisping Venerian speech; no Martian ever croaked and whispered it in the dry corridors. This is ours. We of Earth have exported everything from Hollywood crawlies to synthetic radioactives, but this belongs solely to Terra, and to her sons and daughters wherever they may be.

We had our first frost today. When I say "we" I mean Concord and points south.

That seems late, to me. We've had no further frost and are not expecting any through the end of this coming week, at least. Thanks for the report.

You are correct, although we did not hit the record. Latest first frost ever was October 25. This fall made the #2 spot.

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