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September 05, 2021


Have a Wonderful Birthday Dad! Sorry I can't be there to help celebrate.

Bogie--Better safe than sorry, eh? (Enough of our family members have had COVID!)

My computer reminded me to pick you up at the airport, Friday. Your dad really likes the bouquet that you sent him - clever cards that you find!

Belated Happy Birthday to HH!

Also the product of two primes (17 and 5).
HH looks better than I do, and I’m 9 years younger.

Joared & Peter--HH asks me to thank you for the good wishes. He had a quiet birthday since we are all but locked down, again. I no-touch picked up our lunch from the Olive Garden up the street a couple of miles. HH always orders their shrimp alfredo while I usually order their eggplant parmigiana. Normally, we would have had their black tie mousse cake; but, the only thing they had available was tiramisu, which we found rather bland; but what are you going to do? Next time we'll know to skip dessert.

Peter--That photo of HH is the most recent that we have. It was taken three years ago at about the time you were on your back with spine issues. I've surely seen your photo, somewhere, sometime; but, it doesn't come to mind. I do miss your musical postings. Thanks for stopping by, and please let me know if you changed your mind and started posting your musical gems somewhere. If I were as adept as was Ronni, I would offer you space in this or another of my blogs, currently unused.

Oh belated birthday greetings HH!

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