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September 12, 2021


I too am puzzled as to why the leaf blower would come with a battery that is not up to the task (or safe, in my mind). However, glad the store was willing to work with you to figure out the issue and give you a discount on the heavier duty battery.

I love that most things disappear from the side of the road when I put things out.

I’ve had the same thing happen when I’ve left major stuff out to be collected. I know not to ring the council on the first day as it’s often not necessary.
I once left a fridge (40 years old and still working) and it was gone by lunch time. They’d have had to make a special journey in a truck for that. I discovered when I was restocking the new fridge that I’d left the butter in the old one. A surprise for the folks who picked it up.

Bogie & Peter--It's a universal. There are always folks who are willing to go to the effort of hauling stuff off for those of us who want to rid ourselves of it.

Peter--Thanks for the laugh at the butter. Cute! I can't put major appliances out because I'm not big/strong enough to do so. When the new appliance comes in, the delivery person gets to haul out the old one. On one such occasion, about 25 years ago, I also got rid of a couch that was in good shape but no longer needed. One of the appliance delivery guys wanted it.

Toro is part of MTD. MTD has ruined every brand that they have taken control of. They have cheapened and use chinessium when they can. Troy Bilt is another brand
they have destroyed the reputation of.

Welcome, GreggBC. Although I've seen your comments at a few blogs that are heavy on automotives and tools, I'm scratching my head over how you ended up at my little blog; but, I guess we oldsters have to stick together, eh? Yes, MTD is gobbling up the tools market, unfortunately. As with many of the holding companies, my opinion is that they are so get-money-now focused that quality suffers.

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