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September 24, 2021


You are way too devoted to wiping out the Bermuda grass :) I figure if it's green, and it looks decent after mowing, I'm fine with whatever grows there. Of course if I wiped out everything in the yard that was weeds or a grass other than Bluegrass, my yard would be barren (and I would have poisoned most of the town with the amount of control I would have to put down). I keep my efforts to minimum by keeping control of Poison Ivy and the invasive roses - I'm a slacker :D

Does HH not have Norton's on his phone?

Bogie--Under no circumstances would I agree that you are a slacker. You get to choose the activities into which you put your efforts. Never, before this house, have we had enough lawn that your dad cared about the grass. He now does.

Bermuda grass will take over the world, eventually. I recall that when we lived on Park Lane, Bermuda grew under the (guessing) 16-foot-wide driveway to infest the opposite side where your dad & I had toiled plugging in Zoyzia grass. When I asked Kevin about putting in Zoyzia, here, he laughed at me - said that I wouldn't want to have them put in the time (at our expense) to dethatch it each spring. We weren't in the house on Park Lane long enough (under 2 years) for thatch to become an issue. Kevin also said that, anymore, no one around here plants bluegrass. The newer strains of fescue have hardly any clumping, as did the older strains, and do better in our sunny locale.

Had I been more diligent in catching the Bermuda grass before it had gained such a stand, instead of idly pulling out a runner here-and-there, I wouldn't be having to put in so much labor, now. It's my own fault. I'm more than willing to jump onto the opportunity of pulling Bermuda while it is less intermixed with the fescue grass. I just came in from putting in 50 minutes at it. When I went out to work at 7:30am, it was too dry; so, I ran that one station of the sprinkler system for 20 minutes and then loosened around the intended area with your Grandmother S's little spade. In all, I cleared about twice as much area in 50 minutes, today, as did I yesterday in 55 minutes!

No, HH does not have Norton on his phone (an iPhone SE) nor is installation advised. "Antivirus for iPhone: Apps that claim to scan your phone for viruses will not work on iPhones. That's because Apple's operating system, called iOS, doesn't permit any one app to see what any other app is doing, or even to 'know' of another app's existence. That means you don't have to worry about your fitness app ever gaining access to your banking records. The only way one app can ever communicate with another is if you enable permissions, like allowing a journaling app to access your photos, for example. With this 'sandboxed' approach, there's no way a security app could possibly scan other apps on your phone for malware.

"Apple takes additional measures to protect users from adware, spyware, and other types of malware lurking in third-party apps. 'Apple designed their operating system to restrict the applications a user can place on their phone,' says Tom Kirkham, founder and CEO of IronTech Security. Users can only install applications downloaded from the official App Store, and Apple closely reviews each app for malware before approving it. One of the few ways a malicious app could be installed is if a user jailbreaks their iPhone, a practice most experts caution against."

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