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August 26, 2021


Glad you can both have a good sense of humor about the lawn mower incident. Eh, might as well laugh after the initial "WTH?" Hey, and it was great that you got a nice commission check from your old mower.

A new hardware store for you to show me around when I next get to visit - hooray!

Your second paragraph is exactly what I was thinking, Bogie.

I used the new blower for the first time, this morning, to blow out the garage and to blow the leaves off the driveway into the edge of the grass where I could easily rake them up (40-gallon bin's worth). Oh, what a difference it makes not having to wrestle the cord around the cars, etc. It is a light-duty machine, though. It heated up enough in the 7-minute-continuous-operation span to which I had subjected it that it would not restart to blow off the front porch - until I gave it 10-15 minutes' cool-down. That's OK. It is worth keeping that in mind to have such a light-weight unit that is easier on my wrist (bursitis? arthritis?)

That doesn't sound right, it shouldn't get that hot or have an issue starting. I had to go back and re-read your post since I've only had that happen with gas powered machines.

I've got a battery powered chainsaw (a little one) that ran continuously for hours. My weekwacker also runs for a long time without issues. I would have a discussion with the hardware store to see if they have suggestions on the issue (or you should return it).

Parallel thinking, thanks, Bogie.

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