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August 31, 2021


Plastic straws and drink containers are no longer allowed here in Germany.
Something to do with reducing pollution.
Contrariwise, we ARE due to have an election in 3 weeks ;-)

Stu--As one who picks up trash as she walks around the neighborhood, I can attest to single-use plastics' being a scourge. And that doesn't even address the deeper costs to our environment, only the aesthetics. We are behind Germany, but we are creeping toward outlawing such plastics. At times, I have tried to get the super market and such places to put the food into containers that I provide; but, mostly, that has not been allowed. I re-use as much of the plastics that I get as is feasible and do not accept plastic cutlery with take-out food orders. (One small dish in which Chinese food was served while I was in Kansas City as a Red Cross volunteer working a disaster with FEMA, is still in regular use. It has been at least six years since my last such an assignment.)

Oh yes! When we visited New York it was very humid. Each morning I washed my hair and dried it carefully but the minute I walked outside the hotel frizz it would go.

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