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August 03, 2021


Wow! That is fascinating! I might see if I can get hold of copy. I like the 'clinical armpit sniffing is not performed willy-nilly'!

Totally off topic<.
What was wrong with the Kansas water slide that decapitated a kid riding it?
Design error, or did something breaK?

Liz: Ah, yes, what an esoteric world in which sniffers operate.

Stu: IMHO It was an all-around fiasco. The death of the 10-year-old boy was in 2016 and, from what I can determine, resulted from design flaws, the lack of reasonable governmental regulations and oversight, and just plain carelessness on the part of the park operators. From a law firm posting I lift the quote, below.

"A subsequent in-depth investigation into the park published in Texas Monthly revealed several terrifying insights into the dearth of regulation over water parks around the United States: the ride’s designer had no qualifications to design water slides, he did not have a college degree and had never studied physics or engineering. Water parks are subject to no federal regulation, and oversight is left up to state governments, which vary widely."

There is a CNN article on charges filed here.

Oh, that old huh? It was in our German press today, so I assumed it was breaking (sic!) news. Sorry.

Stu--Don't bet too much on it, but I think that you and I exchanged emails about the Schlitterbahn at the time (2016). As I recall, at a later date, the slide was dismantled. If there has been something more recent, I haven't heard about it.

Strange. It must be the time for recycling old news. Last evening, a USA TV newscaster said that they were going to cover something interesting "after the break" - but I didn't stick around for the coverage because it had happened a year ago to the best of my remembrance. Of course, I can't pull out of memory what the subject was on that item.

Interesting article on perspiring. Reminds me of a saying from my mother's horse and buggy days when I had the impression sweating was considered to be somewhat of a gross act and term, "Horses sweat, men perspire and women glow."

Joared--The book's author did make mention of terminology applications. Me? I glow - bright red - from the capillaries moving to the skin surface in a vain attempt to cool me down since my sweat doesn't do the job.

My semi-emergency cool-down is to hold my whole head under a water faucet that is spouting cold water. The people in the Experimental Flight Test hangar thought I had lost my mind one day when I used their 360-degree handwashing station for cooling down my head; but, I had just flown a service test flight culminating in my standing atop a ladder breathing fumes as I re-fueled the airplane - in 104-degree Fahrenheit temperature, in the sun. Gah!

Stu--My brain is a bit slow, but it just came up with the subject of the "after the break" item that I mentioned a couple of days ago: it was a piece about a little kid who kept riding his tiny bicycle up onto a man's driveway - and the man's response to it. See the video here.

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