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August 28, 2021


Very cool and those giant collars, yuck. I watched a show a few years ago about all the technological advances that were inspired at least in part by Star Trek. One of the most interesting to me was from the Next Generation series and music. Lt. Commander Data was listening to 3 songs at once on the ship's computer. At the time the data required for 3 full songs would take up an entire hard drive of the average computer of the day. So after watching the episode a guy at Apple invented QuickTime which compressed music files allowing for iTunes and iPods and the total reinvention of the music industry.

Interesting about the music, Ingineer. Yes, I recall that music files that I programmed took a lot of space - compared to the space available in my little machine. That was ages ago - about 1989 - when I was working in silicon valley.

It was good of you to come by. Always happy to see your comments and I wish that you were blogging.

Thank you. I have been very busy with work and haven’t stopped by in a while. It is always nice to check in and catch up.

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