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July 23, 2021


I'm guessing a Blackberry Lily aka, leopard lily (iris domestica). Very pretty and I think it puts out berries after flowering.

I prefer the wide mouth jars also. Not only are they easier to fill, but they are more versatile since it is not recommended to place the regular jars in a freezer.

Bogie--Thanks for coming up with the name of the lily. I've observed pods on the flowering stem, which I took for "seed pods"; but, I'll watch for berries (and try to remember to report back). Perhaps what I took for pods are actually buds.

Only you would know about the counter-recommendation against putting regular jars in a freezer, Bogie. Good one. I don't do it, but not because anyone told me. I should think it would be OK if one laid the jar on its side. I freeze big-mouth (think of a big-mouth beer bottle, only from juice or sauce) bottle of water & keep in the freezer. I take it with me (leaving it in an insulated bag in the car) when, during heat waves, I go to a store for frozen foods (including ice cream). I do, of course, leave sufficient air space - and lay the bottle on its side.

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