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July 29, 2021


Wow, the expert falls for a scam. You are right, funny in a way, but highlights how the average person can be vulnerable to some of the scum out there.

Bogie--This served as a warning to me. Instead of using "Unsubscribe" services for unwanted emails, I am now blocking the sender. What do I know?!

Later: I just found this, which I copied from the preview rather than going to the website - "Think before you click. Email: • Be very careful with email • Delete emails from companies you do not do business with • Delete emails in lieu of clicking the 'unsubscribe' link if you do not do business with them • Do not download attachments from a source you do not know."

Yeah, if it is an unsolicited email (from a company you have not doen business with), don't click the unsubscribe link. They will go away after a short time and no risk of clicking on a bad thing.

Bogie--For clarity: There were two companies that suddenly started sending me emails; but, I had done business with each of them in past years when I was doing much traveling - Travel Smith and Magellan. Still....

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