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June 03, 2021


I sent an email to our neighbors (two households) who may wish to come harvest cherries and/or dill weed. While cherry harvest time isn't of long duration, the dill will be available for weeks - and dill seed will be available much later.

I'm sure your neighbor's appreciate your generosity with the cherries and dill.

That ocular disturbance sure sounds scary. Hopefully it is just migraine that was caused by either light (as you suggested), or possibly heat. I get vision disturbances in my left eye, but it is just a severe cloudiness that goes away after 15-30 minutes. Don't know what causes it it. Looking at migraine (which I hadn't thought of), that doesn't seem to jive as it is total blind spots or total loss of vision, so it will remain a mystery.

Bogie--Yes, I'm comfortable with labeling my experience as having been "just another migraine". With your family history of migraine equivalents, I certainly wouldn't rule it out in your case. Yours may vary. (You may ask, as does your dad when I venture into medical stuff, "Remind me again from which school you earned your MD?")

I failed to mention that, at my age, about the only things I can contribute to the neighborhood are keeping the house/grounds up to the standards of the neighborhood, and sharing our bounty. Much as I love birds, I hated having the birds get the total crop of cherries that one year that it happened. I hate to see food go to waste. (I'm still living in the day of Victory Gardens and rationing - lol.)

Jealous of your cherries! Our tree had lots of blossom but if it's the same as last year the birds will get there first!

That migraine sounds nasty. I experience my 'funny eye kaleidoscope' thing about twice a year although recently I was getting worried because they seemed more frequent.

Liz--Hopefully, you can keep your "funny eye kaleidoscope" thing at bay and not develop further migraine issues.

I had migraine headaches from age 14 to age 17, and that was it for many years. As I recall, it was all during my 40s that I experienced frequent retinal migraines. As I was doing much flying in those days (my first retinal migraine was at 1am the day on which I was scheduled to fly a few people to California - fortunately, with a capable co-pilot), I was surprised that my flight surgeon had no concerns. His take on it was that I didn't immediately lose all vision and that the whole attack wasn't of long duration so; if I were to experience an attack while inflight (never happened), I could work around it. I did, on occasion, have to pull my car off the street and into a parking lot to wait for an attack to pass.

When the retinal migraines ceased, at about age 50, I started having frequent, days-long, debilitating migraines during which a headache might be present but the least of my worries, the internal upset and mental confusion being the most. During my late 50s and all of my 60s, I was put on a beta-blocker and, on occasion gave myself Imitrex shots when no other form of medication provided any benefit. By age 70, I was down to having just regular old migraine headaches which had tapered off in frequency/duration/severity enough that I had stopped the beta-blockers. By then I had found Excedrin Migraine to be effective.

There was a segment on BBC, this morning, with a researcher who has spent 20 years pursuing migraines. His research honed in on the role of the trigeminal nerve system. Interesting.

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