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June 26, 2021


Getting older (77), I can no longer eat all of the regular portions at restaurants here. Most of them do a "senior citizens" size reduced portion though. Only slightly cheaper for about 2/3 of the portion size. We only eat 1 course now, skipping the soup and dessert. Unless it's ice cream ;-)

Audio - I'm sure you already checked, but make sure that they haven't been muted in the hidden icons at the bottom right of your screen.

Wastefulness: If it has been opened or used, it probably can't be returned to the vendor for credit. They do offer a lot of things as used on their website, but I'm unsure how well those sell. I know that the US site sells "mystery" pallets for cheap, but you gets what you gets and as far as I can tell it's only really useful for those that sell on ebay, in flea markets or garage sales. Donating anything to another country can get really tricky and costly. Really the only thing that can be donated fairly easily is clothing.

Electronics are especially tough since to donate would risk introducing "counterfeit product" into the market place (counterfeit product, is a government term that does not necessarily mean that a bogus company manufactured and labeled as another brand). And, there may be clauses with certain companies that they can't donate goods (computers, phones etc) - because that would take away from the companies from being able to use donations to schools, hospitals and such as good PR, or interfere with contracts with those institutions.

There is so much that news stories leave out in an effort to vilify certain companies and/or slant stories to their specific cause / view (and believe me, although I appreciate and use Amazon, I'm no JB fan). One really can't know the full extent of the circumstances.

Case in point, there was a story about a big aerospace company getting fined for sharing sensitive information to foreigners. There were a lot of people saying that there should be jail time for top brass and other more aggressive measures. But, the article never disclosed information that would have made it easier to understand if a fine was the appropriate reaction. Usually fines are for those cases in which the company self-discloses AND it wasn't intentional or malicious. Heck, an email chain that includes a Canadian who doesn't hold a green card (unknown to the sender) but works for a company that holds a NDA, and which just discloses a part number, is considered sharing sensitive information.

Stu--For most of my life I've been in the habit of getting two meals for "the price of one" by taking half of my meals home from restaurants - except, as you note, when it comes to ice cream. For a time, it was great that I worked in Los Angeles with a friend whose appetite and favored foods where nearly identical to mine (we were the same height and he outweighed me by only 15 pounds.) We frequently shared meals at lunch time.

Bogie--In the current version of Windows 10, the speaker icon is hidden in a drop-down menu and opens into a control panel which, as you thought, I had checked, thanks.

Thanks, too, for your knowledgeable comments on returns and waste. Unless an item is pricey, I don't bother returning it choosing, instead, to donate it - my small gesture toward keeping stuff out of landfills where possible. (Goodwill gets a lot of unused shoes, that way!) For instance, when HH gave me a manual treadmill a year ago, the electronics that were supposed to readout speed/heart rate did not work. Instead of breaking down and returning the unit as they asked, I removed the electronic panel and took it to my favorite e-cycle place. I can come up with my own speed/heart rate if I care (I don't care!) Yes, usually, my laziness is a factor in my not returning things.

Yes, I found the government to be intelligent in their approach to self-disclosed issues when I worked in aerospace. The FAA helped us keep the skies safe without making us go through useless hoops. My FAA colleagues trusted us to tell them the truth and they were competent to judge the feasibility and sufficiency of our intended actions. Of course, the mutual trust had to be earned, cherished, and nurtured.

Suddenly, I have audio output on this computer. Sheesh! I also note that I now have a "speaker" icon on the toolbar. I've no idea what changed!

But...my internet access went away. For three days we were mostly without internet, my being convinced that the problem was with the line-laying and copious rain in our area. However, HH called the Cox service center this morning and was told by the woman to whom he spoke that she would "reset" our internet modem. He said that the lights blinked and he thought that he had internet access back. He did not. So...I drove the two miles (in the rain) to the local Cox office this morning and was told that they had had no outages. Thus, I replaced the internet modem (WalMart carries such things, thank goodness!)

After getting the new internet modem all installed, we still did not have internet access. I called the Cox service center to see if they needed to activate the new modem. No...that had been enabled when I stopped by the local office on my way home from WalMart - just as I had thought. However...duh...I had failed to reboot our router. Yay! We have access. Let us hope that we keep it!

About the speaker icon - it may have suddenly popped up because you used it. Mine is always there because I normally have it off, but if there is something I want to hear I turn it on. The icon control is more convenient than finding the on/off button to my actual speakers. Plus, there is a line problem that if the speakers move, and I'm trying to adjust the volume itself, the volume may or may not go up or down.

Glad you figured out the router. Several times a year I have to reboot either the modem or router - I make it a habit to do both when the internet is not available as I will invariably choose the incorrect one to start with ;)

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