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June 18, 2021


HH was correct, same information (except the beeping) and sorry the reorg didn't help him. I didn't realize there was an automatic mode on the hearing aides, that setting is probably for the best.

The weather here has settled down a bit. Most days in the 80's, although last Monday was only in the 60's. Still not much rain so I've had to continue to water some of the gardens. Yesterday I had to water the dappled willow and summer-sweet that are in a spot that is usually moist - over in the shrub garden that is by the small drainage area and in mostly shade. I didn't water anything that was established, but those two shrubs were new last year and were showing signs of stress.

Bogie--Yes, my words about trying a different organization of the information didn't make a connection with HH; and, I agree about the automatic mode being for the best.

I watered, yesterday. At about 10:30pm, it started sprinkling. Just now, the rain gage has a bit over 0.7" in it - and it is still raining. I don't know whether I wasn't paying attention to the weather prognosticators or if they had said that we had only a small chance of rain with the passing front. Wish we could share with you even though we are still down at least 1" for the month (more than that for 2021). I'll be happy for you if you are able to save your new shrubs.

That is a ridiculous temperature!

I rely on Outlook giving me reminders too. I hope they haven't messed it up. Mine seems okay.

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